It's the weekend! The likelihood is the pub's going to feature somewhere in your plans over the next couple of days. Here are some of our favourite apps to help you win some brownie points with your drinking buddies.

Beer Match (£0.69 - iPhone)

beer-matchIf you don’t know what types of beer go best with particular types of food, then this app could come in very handy. The app doesn’t feature specific brands of beer but instead it pairs up 31 ‘beer styles’ from across the globe and suggests a range of foods to compliment the flavours. So if you’re having fish for dinner, it can advise what types of beer would go best with it. You could also pick your preferred beer first and then get some inspiration on what food to get in for your supper. Sounds like a great excuse to sample some beers - wonder if you can get 'dessert beer'?

The Good Pub Guide Mobile App (£4.99 – iPhone)

good_pub_guide_appThis popular annual guide is now available as an app for all Apple devices. With new reviews and recommendations on almost 5000 of the best pubs across Britain, it should be fairly easy to find a decent pub wherever you may be. There’s also a useful ‘pub plotter’ feature so you can search for pubs using a map. As well as the reviewed pubs already mentioned, there’s location and address information on 20,000 additional pubs and the ability to look up pubs using towns, cities, postcodes, tube stations and, of course, by their name.

Vio (£1.99 – iPhone)

karaoke1If your friends like to indulge in a bit of competitive karaoke but you sound like a strangled cat (& that’s on a good day), probably best to download Vio for a sneaky bit of help. Vio will completely transform your voice with some nifty voice effects and its ‘pitch correction technology’ means that it will make you sound like you’re in tune however tone deaf you may be. There are some fun special effects to try out and you can record and share your tracks for posterity.

Bank Shot Calculator (£2.99 – iPhone)

bank-shot-calculatorThis is a great app for working out your shots on the pool table and improving your game. All you need to do is open the app, position the ball on the virtual pool table and indicate which side of the pool table you are aiming for the ball to hit and also the pocket you’re aiming for. The Bank Shot Calculator will work out the exact angle you require and where on the side of the pool you need to hit the ball. You'll be a pool hustler in no time!