iWatch_Concept_Yrving_YorrealbaApparently two thirds of us are not at all keen on wearable technology. This only leaves one third of the UK population who are interested in the likes of smartwatches and wearable fitness devices.

Accenture, the consulting company which carried out the survey of 1000 people in the UK found that 29% of us were interested in smart watches and just 26% would consider purchasing Google Glass style internet glasses. In comparison, more than half of the people in the other countries (USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa and India) were interested in buying an item of wearable technology.

So guess what the hottest trend at the recent Consumer Electronics Show was? Yes - wearable technology. For example, one of the announcements was the LG Lifeband Touch - a step up from the usual fitness wearables as it connects to your smartphone and will also alert you to text and calls. The Lifeband touch can also be used with LG's Heart Rate headphones which measures and keeps a record of your heart rate through your ears while you listen (& workout to) your music. There's also a new Pebble Steel smartwatch and Sony have designed a Smartband which as well as monitoring your fitness enables you to track your daily activities for an added boost of motivation should you need it. Samsung are also all set to bring out a new and improved Galaxy Gear smart watch around the same time as they launch their Galaxy S5 smart phone.

But is all this innovation going to be wasted on us Brits? Probably, but everyone's waiting for one device to launch which will change everything - the Apple iWatch. Rumours persist that it's most definitely in the pipeline and that it could make its debut sometime this year. There's also speculation that Apple could be working with Nike on project iWatch with a certain Apple executive sitting on Nike's board of directors and known to be a big fan of his Fuelband. Apple have also apparently hired some ex-Nike employees as well as sleep and biometric experts.

So all the pointers indicate that an iWatch could certainly have health and fitness monitoring capabilities. It's also rumoured to come with a curved and flexible OLED screen and it could also include some of Apple's most popular features such as Siri and Apple Maps. So as well as connecting to your iPhone so you can be discreetly alerted to calls, texts and emails.

We'll keep you updated on the very latest on the iWatch as the news rolls in, as well as other bits of wearable tech we think may float your boat.