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  1. WIN a Xiaomi Electric Scooter with Chitter Chatter

    Would you like to win a brand new Xiaomi Electric Scooter worth £399? Well, we have one to give away to someone in time for Christmas. If you purchase any EE, Three , Vodafone or SIM Free mobile phone before December 1st at Chitter Chatter, you'll be automatically entered into win. Lots more ways to enter below too. WIN an...
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  2. 14 New Updates For Your iPhone With iOS 14

    Updgrade your iPhone software to the latest iOS 14 and unlock a whole host of new features and improvements Anyone who has kept half an eye on mobile phone tech news will know all about Apple's latest iOS 14 update. Launched on 16th September 2020, it promises a whole raft of new functionality to iPhone users on their existing models...
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  3. Samsung Galaxy A-Series Phones | Are They Any Good?

    The Galaxy A-Series is Samsung's more affordable range of smartphones, compared to the flagship S-series. Here we explain the key differences, aside from the lower price Samsung's range of affordable devices has undergone a bit of a makeover in recent years, with the older J and M series phones being dropped in favour of an expanded fleet of A series...
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  4. The Best-Selling Mobile Phones in September 2020

    Need some help choosing your new phone? Here's what everyone else is buying this month Gone are the days when we just had to choose between a Nokia or a Motorola in black or grey, with the arrival of Apple's iPhone and a huge range of smartphones from the likes of Samsung, Sony, Google, Huawei and newcomers such as OnePlus...
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  5. Three is Now Available at Chitter Chatter

    A new network now available at Chitter Chatter, giving our customers even more choice and value when choosing their new mobile phone At Chitter Chatter, we have a simple mission - help our customers stay connected to what's important to them by offering the best value mobile deals and customer service in the UK.  It's been our mission for the...
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  6. 10 New Features Coming to Your iPhone With iOS 14

    It's iPhone upgrade time Apple completely and utterly changed the game when they released the first iPhone back in 2007, with the entrepreneurial US company providing the impetus for smartphones to take over the mobile market. Since then, there have been several iterations of the popular handheld device, and no more than 14 different versions of the iOS operating system...
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  7. EE iPhone Pay Monthly Customers Can Now Get 6 Months Free Apple News+

    EE iPhone pay monthly customers handed half a year of Apple News If you are mobile customer of EE, you may become much better read over the next few months. That's because the mobile network operator has announced an exclusive offer that will give customers six months of Apple News+ free, if you use an Apple device. Thanks to the...
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  8. iPhone SE (2020) versus iPhone 8 | What's the difference?

    The iPhone SE's 2020 version is here, and so if you are in the market for a new iPhone, it is time to sit up and take notice. It is only natural for consumers to draw comparison between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8. After all, the SE is 'replacing' the iPhone 8 in Apple's range. Whether you are...
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  9. Which iPhone model should you choose?

    A simple guide to every available iPhone model There are plenty of iPhone models available to choose from right now, and so if you’re new to the iPhone market you might be a little confused on which is the best one for you. iPhones, for many, are the most premium phones you can buy, and so you’ll want to make...
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  10. How Much Mobile Data Do I Really Need?

    How much data is enough and how to avoid paying too much for data you don't need As we use our mobile phones for more and more activities each day, the amount of mobile data we use is also increasing. Even simple tools like sending a message or making a call can use mobile data if you're using an app...
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  11. Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S10: How Do They Compare?

    Time for a new Samsung Galaxy or stick with what you've got? When the Samsung Galaxy S8 arrived on the scene a few years back it was Samsung's top of the range flagship and even today remains a great smartphone with the bright display that Samsung are known for and a decent 12 megapixel camera. However, this year Samsung introduced...
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  12. EE Smart Plans Explained

    EE Smart Plans come with a whole host of excellent value benefits, but make sure they're of use to you. Earlier this year, EE introduced Smart Plans. These are basically enhanced versions of their standard mobile price plans but with some added benefits, which depending on how you use your phone will either be well worth looking at or not...
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