The Best-Selling Mobile Phones in March 2020

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Need some help choosing your new phone? Here’s what everyone else is buying this month

Gone are the days when we just had to choose between a Nokia or a Motorola in black or grey, with the arrival of Apple’s iPhone and a huge range of smartphones from the likes of Samsung, Sony, Google, Huawei and newcomers such as OnePlus, Honor and Xiaomi, we have more choice than ever before. And before that we have to decide whether we prefer Apple’s iOS or Android.

With over 2 million happy customers and 25 years of selling mobile phones, we like to think we’ve picked up a few pointers when it comes to choosing a new phone (and of course, getting a great deal). With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best-selling mobile phones this month, along with our view on why each one may be the phone for you.

March’s best-selling mobile phones

iPhone XR

Yes it’s not the latest iPhone in Apple’s range (that’s the iPhone 11) but it’s our best-seller this month. Why? Well mainly thanks to a massive price drop following September’s iPhone 11 launch. It’s important to remember that the iPhone XR only came out last year and Apple are so good at running efficient software on their phones, that the XR can easily compete with many of 2019’s flagship phones. It’s got a fantastic camera, the same software as the iPhone 11 (thanks to the free iOS 13 update) and comes in a range of colours.

iPhone XR (64GB)

The iPhone XR has the same 6.1 inch LCD display as the 11 and the same resolution and pixel density.  You also get water-resistance and that cool Portrait mode feature for your photos, which blurs the background so the foreground really pops. It’s going to cost you around £30-£40 a month depending on how much you want to pay upfront and how much data you need.

Currently available for £36 a month with no upfront cost and 45GB of data.

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iPhone 11

Not far behind the XR, is the latest flagship from Apple; the iPhone 11. It’ll cost you around £100 more compare the XR, so what are you getting for your cash? First up, Apple’s new A13 processor is included which helps apps launch faster and can help power those more demanding games. It’s also water resistant like the XR, but has a higher IP rating of IP68 (compared to the XR with IP67) – that means it can survive underwater at 2 meters for 30 minutes.

iPhone 11 (64GB)

The big upgrade on the iPhone 11 is the camera tech – it has a second, 12 megapixel ultra-wide camera and a new Night Mode for low-light photography. That second lens is brilliant for fitting more content into each frame and the flash is a bit brighter than the XR too. And if you’re a pet owner, the new iPhone 11 camera can recognise non-human faces now too for it’s Portrait mode. It’s going to cost you around £33-£45 a month depending on how much you want to pay upfront and how much data you need.

Currently available for £41 (was £43) a month with no upfront cost and a whopping 75GB of data.

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Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 remains a firm favourite here in the Chitter Chatter office, and with many of our customers. Many people purchased the Samsung Galaxy S8 a couple of years back and this is the next logical upgrade if you like your Samsung Android phones. It’s a fitting 10th anniversary flagship for the Galaxy S-Series. The display is stunning and shows so much detail – it also houses the front-facing camera lens meaning the screen can cover more of the front of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB)

A triple-lens rear camera takes really detailed photos, including ultra-wide and the in-screen fingerprint sensor makes unlocking quick and easy. You also get wireless ‘PowerSharing’ which allows you to charge other people’s compatible phones or devices using the back of the phone. It’s going to cost you around £25-£40 a month depending on how much you want to pay upfront and how much data you need. The best-selling plan is currently £33 a month with no upfront cost (was £99) and 30GB of data.

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Huawei P30 Pro

Despite all the China-US trade wars this year, the Huawei P30 Pro continues to fly off the shelves this month thanks mainly to it’s fantastic camera which is probably our favourite of 2019 – just have a read of the reviews it had. It has a ridiculous zoom on it which lets you get so close to the action; letting you take photos you simply wouldn’t be able to get with any other phone. It has an improved battery-life versus the P20 Pro, IP68 water and dust resistance, wireless charging, a faster and more accurate in-display fingerprint scanner, facial unlocking and a speedy Kirin 980 chipset which keeps the phone running nice and fast.

Huawei P30 Pro (128GB)

Let’s be honest though, the P30 Pro is really all about the camera. It’s going to cost you around £25-£45 a month depending on how much you want to pay upfront and how much data you need. We love it here at Chitter Chatter and it’s converted a few iPhone fans over to Android this year in the office.

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Samsung Galaxy A70 | from £22 a month

Samsung’s Galaxy S-Series is the one that gets all the headlines but you may not be aware that they also have a brilliant A-Series range of phones. In a nutshell, the A-Series of phones are usually slightly stripped back versions of the S-Series but don’t underestimate them as you’ll find a load of the S-Series’ flagship features included but without the higher cost. Take the Samsung Galaxy A70 for example, which is a best-seller this month.

Samsung Galaxy A70 (128GB)

It’s aimed at people who love to create, share and consume live video and has a solid spec list. You get a big 6.7-inch Full HD+ display (with a single camera-sized notch), 128GB of storage, in-display fingerprint scanner, three rear cameras and a decent sized 4500mAh battery which should keep you going all day. In short, it’s pretty feature packed for the money and will cost you around £23 a month depending on how much you want to pay upfront and how much data you need.

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iPhone 8 Refurbished  | from £22 a month

Don’t be distracted by the ‘refurbished’ bit here. Many of these iPhones look pretty much brand new. A refurbished phone has been cleaned, inspected, tested and reset to ensure it’s fully functioning, plus comes with a 12 month ‘no fuss’ UK warranty. It’s a great way of upgrading your existing iPhone to a newer model and saving yourself some cash in the process.

iPhone 8 refurbished

And at just £22 a month with no upfront cost, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best-selling phones this month.

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Samsung Galaxy A51

A new entrant this month, and a new addition to the ever popular Samsung Galaxy A-Series which are basically lower-cost versions of the flagship S-series with a few less features – although it’s worth noting, they often include many of the standout features the S-series is known for. The A51 is no exception; it has a truly stunning 6.5″ Super AMOLED display that can pump out 16 million(!) colours, Gorilla Glass for added toughness, 128GB of memory for storing apps, photos and games, plus a quadruple-lens camera which includes a 48MP main camera.

Samsung Galaxy A51 (128GB)

It also supports fast-charging. In fact, looking at all this, it’s no wonder its made our best-seller list this month. Expect to pay between £15 and £28 a month depending on what you pay upfront and how much data you need. You can get it for £23 a month with no upfront cost and 4GB of data.

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iPhone 11 Pro

The premium flagship for those that want the very best Apple offer. The clue is the in the name – the ‘Pro’ takes its name from the MacBook Pro laptop range, indicating that this is the top end of their smartphone range. The iPhone 11 Pro actually has a smaller display than the iPhone 11, but it’s far better tech – a 5.8 inch Super Retina XDR OLED display (iPhone 11 has LCD). It’s water resistant to 4 metres for up to 30 minutes, has a triple camera setup with three lenses – Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto, and can shoot 4K video.

iPhone 11 Pro (64GB)

Available in silver, grey, gold or green (grey is our biggest seller, go green if you want to be unique), it’ll cost you around £50-£70 a month or you can pay a upfront to get that monthly cost down, which we’d advise given that this is the most expensive phone in Apple’s iPhone collection.

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So there you have it, our best-selling phones for this month. You can check out more mobile phone deals here or call the Chitter Chatter team on 0208 185 7579 if you’d like to talk to them. Alternatively, you can tweet us or message us on Facebook.

And if you’re happy with your current phone and out of contract, but want to get your phone bill down, consider switching to a SIM only deal.

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