Blackberry fans rejoice!  The new Blackberry Q10 will be hitting Chitter Chatter stores soon.

The Z10, the first Blackberry handset to run on the new BB10 operating system, has been out for some time but we know many of you have been holding out for the Q10 because you're rather partial to that 'physical'  QWERTY keyboard so synonymous with Blackberry.

However, there's more to this handset than just the keyboard, so we thought we'd take a closer a look at the Q10 in anticipation of the its imminent launch.  You'll be pleased to learn that the latest Blackberry handset doesn't disappoint.

Let's start with the screen.  The Q10 boasts a 3.1-inch touch display with a super-sharp screen resolution of 720 x 720 with 330 pixels per inch.  The screen operates by gesture-based navigation and the handset comes pre-loaded with a stack of useful apps. The pre-loaded apps include BBM with a video-chat option and the new Screen Share which enables you to share media and business documents, Blackberry Hub which brings together all of your emails, messages and social media updates into one place, Blackberry Remember to store all of your appointments and important events, Blackberry Maps as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Blackberry Balance is also standard which enables you to keep your work and personal information on separate and secure profiles.

The trademark Blackberry keyboard features the usual auto-correct and predictive text but will also build up awareness of the way its user types with its new personalised learning engine so saving you valuable time. Battery-wise, you'll get an average of almost 15 hours a day on standby and up to 13.5 hours of talk time on 3G. This handset's also compatible with 4G and has a superb fast browser with the option of multiple tabs and easy web sharing.

The rear facing, auto-focus 8 megapixel camera has some great features including back and side illumination for low-light conditions, image stabilisation, an enhanced super-res zoom and a time shift mode which allows you to perfect your photos by moving aspects of your image forwards or backwards in time. The Q10 also comes with a 2 megapixel front camera with fixed focus and a 3x digital zoom, and an impressive internal storage of 16GB.

Has it been worth waiting for? You bet. We'll let you know as soon as you can pre-order.