textHere's a quick text slang quiz for you?


No? It means 'Too busy for you cutey'.


Struggling? It's 'A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush'.

Looks like you need to brush up on your text speak? Here's an A-Z of text slang to sprinkle into your texts to prove to your friends you're 'down with the kids'.

ADIH/ADIP -Another Day in Hell/Another Day in Paradise.
BBB - Bye Bye Babe or (more likely) Boring Beyond Belief
CSL - a great alternative to LOL, 'Can't Stop Laughing'
DEGT - Don't Even Go There
ESO - Equipment Smarter Than Operator
FE - Fatal Error
GALHIM/GALHER - Get a load of him/her
HBASTD - Hitting Bottom and Starting to Dig
ID10T - You Can Work That One Out for Yourself
JDMJ - Just doing my job.
KPC - Keeping Parents Clueless
LHO - Laughing Head Off
MEGO - My eyes glaze over
NATO - No talk, action only
OMDB - Over my Dead Body
PRW - Parents are watching
QQ - Quick Question
ROTFLOL - Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
SETE - Smiling ear to ear
TIAIL - Think I am in love
UCWAP - Up the creek without a paddle.
VSF - Very sad face.
WTMI - Way too much information.
XXCC - Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug
YGLT - You're going to love this.
ZZZ - Sleeping, Bored , Tired.

Any of your favourite text slang we've missed? Share it with us by commenting.