Your precious new smartphone has just arrived in the post and you're teasing it lovingly from its box. The last thing you want to happen is for that shiny, pristine, high resolution screen to get scratched. Or worse still, cracked. And you certainly don't want a particularly wet day to put paid to your smartphone.

You clearly need to buy a case to protect it - but which one? Here are 5 of our favourites:


otterbox-iphone-caseIf you want you smartphone to be nigh on indestructible, then OtterBox has to be your choice. Made from the toughest materials, such as silicone and polycarbonate, they're way stronger than your standard case. And they come in a range of designs and types, from waterproof cases to slimmer more stylish cases for everyday use. And OtterBox's employees probably give their cases their toughest workout - testing their products when they engage in a range of active sports from biking and snowboarding to boating.



Escape-Capsule-Waterproof-iPhone-4_1OK, this is limited to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S but this product was appealing enough to get Kickstarter funding. And it's not hard to see why - it's designed to protect your phone from rain, snow, sand, mud and anything else the adventure enthusiast can throw at it. Plus the case is waterproof - tested for 30 minutes in water 2 metres deep. Despite all the protection, the phone is still fully operational - the touchscreen is fully responsive, the buttons are all accessible and specifically engineered ports transfer sound through the case so you can make clear phone calls.


Urban Armour

Urban_Armor_S3_orange_620x620Urban Armour's smartphone cases are striking, practical and reasonably priced. Each case provides the required structural rigidity to protect your phone whilst minimizing size and weight. An ultra-clear adhesive screen protector will protect that precious screen from scratches whilst a soft rubber inside protects the rest of the phone from harm. Urban Amour's patent-pending design also ensures a tight fit that will not loosen over time or interfere with the functionality of your phone.




Case-Mate Tough

CasemateIf you prefer your smartphone case to be slimline and minimalistic, then you may want to opt for one of the Case-Mate Tough products. Available for a wide range of smartphones, the 'Tough' consists of a hard polycarbonate outer shell with a shock absorbent soft silicon inner to protect primarily from drops and knocks. There's no screen protection built-in although Case-Mate does also sell screen protection kits.



Ballistic Cases

ballistic_smartphone_caseIf you want extreme drop protection, the Ballistic cases claim to offer the best cases in the market to guard against this particular mishap. Ballistic cases are available for just about every smartphone and tablet you can think of and offer a high degree of customisation - whether you want to increase your level of protection or you want holders and holsters that work both with and without those layers.