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  1. This Week's Chitter Chatter - a New 'Slider' from Blackberry, the World's Smallest Phone Charger and the Flying Selfie Stick

    Let's start this week with some interesting news from BlackBerry as close-up images of their first Android smartphone have been published online. The new Android handset is expected to be called the BlackBerry Venice and the leaked pictures suggest that the BB Venice will be a slider phone where the screen slides up to reveal a physical keyboard. It looks...
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  2. Our 5 Favourite Camera Attachments for your Phone

    Smartphone cameras are getting better all the time, although that may not be quite as good as top of the range cameras, especially when it comes to optical zoom and special lenses. However, these accessories will make you wonder why you bothered with a separate camera in the first place. Olloclip 4-in-1 (approx £50) These fantastic clip-in lenses as the name...
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  3. Our 5 Favourite Bluetooth Speakers for Your Smartphone

    If you've been sweltering inside like us then it's time to head outside to a shady spot and relax with some decent tunes. Here are 5 of our favourite Bluetooth speakers which perfectly pair up with a smartphone for some music 'al fresco.' TDK Trek Flex (around £70) These are ideal for festivals, camping and chilling on the beach as...
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  4. Our 5 Favourite Headphones for Your Smartphone

    If you're into your music or enjoy watching films and listening to audio books on your smartphone, then a decent set of headphones can make the experience so much more enjoyable. Here are 5 of the Best headphones out there, in our humble opinion. Sennhesier Momentum In-Ear (£90) Most smartphones come with in-ear or earbud headphones. They are usually the...
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  5. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Apple Music, Google Photos and a Foldable Phone from Samsung (perhaps)

    Let's start with Apple's new music streaming service, Apple Music, which is expected to be unveiled next week according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. It's thought that there will be a charge of US$10 a month for unlimited listening and it will have similarities with Spotify but without the option to listen for free. However Apple Music...
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  6. How to Control Your Smartphone By Playing with Your Hair

    With these new 'smart hair extensions' - Hairware - it's possible to control your smartphone by playing with your hair. The inventor, Katia Vega of Beauty Technologies, sees them as a potential security device for women, so they can can send messages if they feel threatened. They also have may appeal to security services around the world. And don't get...
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  7. Want to Know How the Apple Watch is Made....?

    Want to know how the Apple Watch is made. Then watch these video - not one, but 3 for the aluminium Apple Watch Sport, stainless steel Apple Watch and 18 carat gold Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch Sport Apple Watch Apple Watch Edition
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  8. All You Need to Know About the Apple Watch

    Earlier this week, Apple officially launched their Apple Watch - which will be available on Friday, 24th April. Prices will range from around £299 for the 38mm aluminium Sport edition, £479 for the mid-range stainless steel version and around £13,500 (!!) for the most expensive 18-carat gold models . Let's take a look at the Apple Watch in-depth. If you want...
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  9. 5 Valentine's Day Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

    Is your partner almost as much in love with their smartphone as with you? Here are 5 gifts you could buy them for Valentine's that should tilt the balance in your favour. Sound Asleep Pillow (£29.95) Brilliant for relaxing at the end of a hard day, the Sound Asleep Pillow is essentially a luxury pillow with an in-built speaker. Ideal...
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  10. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and Snooperscope

    Let's start this week with the raft of speculation surrounding the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 over the last few weeks. Some of the most recent reports have included alleged leaked images of the handset (the latest is on the right) which appear to show a significant make-over from the Galaxy S5. It looks like the S6 will come with...
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  11. 5 Gift Ideas for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Lover in Your Life

    Christmas is less than two weeks away so if you still haven't thought about present ideas for your nearest and dearest then it's time to get your skates on. If your beloved is the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5, then here are 5 great ideas for gifts to make their S5 handset even better. 1. Samsung Galaxy Gear...
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  12. This Week's Chitter Chatter - Goodbye Nokia, the Microsoft Smartwatch and Win a PS4!

    This week, we start with sad news.  It's recently been announced that Microsoft will be dropping the Nokia brand name from their Lumia range of smartphones. Instead of Nokia Lumia, the new smartphones will be known as Microsoft Lumia. The name change only applies to the mobile phone division of Nokia which was bought by Microsoft this year, the Nokia...
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