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  1. Children Can Now Be Safer Online Using This Mobile Phone App

    Chitter Chatter have teamed up with cyber-safety company SafeToNet to help keep children safer when using mobile phones App available free-for-life to UK parents if they register by September 15th For over 25 years, we've been helping families stay connected.  As mobile phones have advanced in technology and features, our goal has always remained the same - help people stay...
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  2. 8 Top Apps For Learning New Skills

    You’re already using mindfulness and yoga apps to stay calm and you’re all Netflix-ed and podcast-ed out. So, how else can you stay entertained? What about a new hobby or learning a new skill? These apps for iPhone and Android can help. SuperCook This is a great app if you want to use this time at home to improve your...
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  3. Grab These Two Brilliant iPhone Games While They're Free

    Two of our favourite ever iPhone games are currently available for free If you're looking for some extra entertainment whilst at home outside of Netflix or your latest book, some free games may just be the answer. The brilliant Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure are now available for iOS in the Apps Store for free for a limited time. Both...
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  4. Can you learn a language on your smartphone?

    Planning your holiday abroad for this year? Learn the language too. We carry our smartphones with us everywhere. Whether we’re on a long commute on public transport or standing in a queue, sitting in the doctors waiting room or simply sitting at home, our phones are never far from our grasp, so it goes without saying that most smartphone users...
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  5. This Week's Tech and Mobile News: Memoji, Walkie Talkies and E3

    Apple introduced Animoji with the launch of the iPhone X last year. These were animated emojis that could map characters on to your face and imitate your movements. Now Apple has announced Memojis, which are personalised to look like you. You can update your look with different hats, skin or hair. See all the details here. At their developer conference, Apple...
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  6. This Week's Chitter Chatter: Apple Music, Samsung's Flip Phone & HTC's One X9

    Apple Music for Android Phones It's finally here - Apple Music is now available as an app for all Android phones, breaking the barriers and letting music flow across devices. So don't let your iTunes library collect dust, you can now access all the songs you had purchased and download full albums onto your phone. Try it today: New Flip...
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  7. Video: Tap to Apple Pay

    Apple has come up with a video on how easy it is to pay using your mobile, targeting the millions of iPhone owners who might not have tried Apple Pay yet but are definitely interested in it. Are you one of them? Tell us why you haven't yet had the chance to try it out. According to Global Web Index...
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  8. This Week's Chitter Chatter: Storm Barney, Emojis, YouTube Kids App & a Viral Photo

    Storm Barney Even as a storm is upon us, Brits - at least online - are not taking it too seriously. Its name might be one of the reasons. And the weatherman isn't making it easier either with warnings to not take "storm selfies". Even the Dublin Fire Brigade got in on the fun! All jokes apart, we hope that...
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  9. Rocking the Samsung S6 Edge's Camera

    If you liked our guide to using the iPhone's camera, you might find the following article on the Samsung S6 Edge useful. Let's demystify the jargon around smartphone cameras today. We're looking at the Edge's camera, which is easy to use and yet offers a slew of features that you can use to improve your photos with just a little...
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  10. How Does Cash On Tap Work?

    It's been a while since mobile payments have been available to us, but it's still not taken off as expected. There are many reasons given by experts, but we think it's because it's just not fun. Granted, it would be useful if you've lost your wallet (but not your mobile) and need to take a bus back home. Or if...
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  11. This Week's Chitter Chatter: Google Loon, Moto X Force, LG V10 & @HalloweenCountdown

    Dual Selfie? LG V10 Yes, the latest smartphone from LG allows you to take two types of selfies, with 2 cameras in the front! All the manufacturers this year have been stressing the "selfie" features of their phones - Samsung with its "wide selfies" and Apple with the "emergency selfies". The LG V10 also lets you take a wider angled...
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  12. This Week's Chitter Chatter: Robin, Blackberry Priv & The HTC One A9

    EE's Tablet for Kids: Robin The latest launch by EE is a tablet that's just for young children. Called 'Robin', this cute tab comes with a 4G connection for just £129.99 (with a Pay As You Go plan). This 7 inch tablet has a child-proof bumper that makes it rugged, perfect for your kids first tablet experience! Coming up this...
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