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  1. How To Request Your PAC Code To Switch Mobile Networks

    It's now as easy as sending a text message to change networks. Gone are the days of having to phone your mobile network, navigate the menu options and then sit on hold to switch to a different mobile network and a better deal.  New rules brought in by Ofcom back in 2019 mean you can now just send a text...
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  2. Handy Video Messaging Apps For Staying Connected With Family

    Connect with loved ones in self isolation with these video messaging apps With more and more of us beginning to self-isolate during this coronavirus pandemic, many people will feel cut off from loved ones.  There are particular concerns about older people who are being advised to avoid social contact for a considerable period of time. But if you can’t visit...
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  3. How Much Mobile Data Do I Really Need?

    How much data is enough and how to avoid paying too much for data you don't need As we use our mobile phones for more and more activities each day, the amount of mobile data we use is also increasing. Even simple tools like sending a message or making a call can use mobile data if you're using an app...
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  4. Let's Get Lost in Music | A Guide to the Best in Music Services for Your Phone

    Our relationship with music has always been an emotional one.  If we are old enough, we can all recall the first vinyl that we purchased, the first gig we attended or our favourite album growing up.  With the arrival of streaming, we are suddenly spoilt for choice and can listen to any music at any time.  For some of us...
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  5. You can now get KFC delivered to your door via your phone

    You'll need to spend £over £15 and pay £2.50 for delivery.  Chitter Chatter customers can get a massive discount. Big news for all you KFC fans, you can now get KFC delivered to your home via the Just Eat app on your phone. Around 30 branches of KFC in the London and Great London areas are now offering delivery through the...
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  6. How Does Cash On Tap Work?

    It's been a while since mobile payments have been available to us, but it's still not taken off as expected. There are many reasons given by experts, but we think it's because it's just not fun. Granted, it would be useful if you've lost your wallet (but not your mobile) and need to take a bus back home. Or if...
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  7. Mastering Your iPhone Camera

    You've had the iPhone for months now (maybe years, even!) but the camera functions have always been a dark area. All those functions that looks like formulae, words like apertures and frames per second, modes and aspect ratios - can we leave all the jargon aside and just learn how to take good photos? Let's demystify the jargon and master the iPhone...
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  8. A Guide To Moving from Android to iOS9

    If you have a Samsung, HTC, LG or other Android OS-based mobile and have bought a new iPhone, Apple has just made the transition smoother with a new app called "Move to iOS". It has also, quite expectedly, sparked a battle amongst the two factions - Android lovers and Apple fanboys - check out the comments on the app's presence on the Google...
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