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  1. Gift Guide for Frequent Travellers

    If you spend a lot of your time in hotel rooms, airport lounges and flights, you need handy gadgets that will tide you over the long wait times, incessant buzz of crowds and poor accessibility. Here are a few we believe will make a journey easier and be appreciated by those who tend to travel a lot. 1. Power Banks...
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  2. This Week's Chitter Chatter: Alcatel OneTouch, Onyx OnePlus X, Huawei Y3 & #BlackFriday

    Alcatel OneTouch Smartwatch We're excited about this one - it's a brilliant smartwatch by the fastest growing phone manufacturer Alcatel called the OneTouch. OneTouch brings you a whopping 157 notifications right to your wrist. Get everything from social media updates to calls and texts to alarms. Looking busy was never so easy - you no longer have to reach for...
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  3. Understanding Smartphone Screen Resolutions

    Smartphone screen resolutions - it's like another language. Have you got a smartphone with a 1080p screen or has it got a Quad HD (QHD) display? Now there are handsets with a 4K screen! Confused? What does it all mean? Pixels & Resolutions It was only early last year that most of the flagship smartphones sported a 1080p resolution screen, that translates...
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  4. Top 3 Trends From IFA Berlin

    All the big tech brands are at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (don't worry, we can't pronounce that either, so let's stick to "IFA", shall we?) event this week. IFA is where the year's latest gadgets, product innovations in various categories including wearables, smart homes, apps, robots, and more, are showcased. Lasting till the 9th, IFA is where all the international brands...
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  5. Cheap International Calls on Your Mobile or Landline with RokVox

    Have you ever wished you could use your inclusive UK minutes allowance on your mobile phone contract to make cheap international calls on your mobile phone? Well thanks to Chitter Chatter's partner RokVox you now can. RokVox works by converting the inclusive UK minutes you already have with your mobile phone contract into international minutes - they can be used...
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