RokVoxHave you ever wished you could use your inclusive UK minutes allowance on your mobile phone contract to make cheap international calls on your mobile phone? Well thanks to Chitter Chatter's partner RokVox you now can.

RokVox works by converting the inclusive UK minutes you already have with your mobile phone contract into international minutes - they can be used to call international mobiles and landlines. For a charge of just £19.99 a month you can convert as many of your inclusive minutes as you need to, there is no limit and it works on a like for like basis. This means that one UK minute is worth one international minute using the RokVox service so you can make an international call for literally a few pence. You can make calls to 87 countries across the globe which include the USA, Australia, New Zealand, India and Poland. You can see a full list of the countries included here.

There are no extra charges or hidden costs with RokVox or contracts that you are tied into, the service really is very flexible. The £19.99 fee is a flat monthly rate so you can use the service for as long as you need to and you're free to cancel at any time.

RokVox is available to any UK mobile phone user who has an inclusive minute contract on any network. It's so simple and quick to get started - all you need to do is register your phone number, fill in a few details and you're able to get dialling and make those international calls straight away. There's no need to have to worry about PINs, calling cards, different sim cards or having to use your wifi as you make the calls directly from your mobile or landline phone. As well as coverage in 87 countries around the world, we're also sure you'll be impressed with the crystal clear clarity of your calls. For more information or to sign yourself up, check out the RokVox website here.