After the selfie-stick craze, just where does the selfie go next?  Global drinks giant Coca-Cola think they have the answer.

The company has launched a camera base that you can clip onto the bottom of a 500ml bottle of Coke.  It'll then automatically snap a picture when you tilt it 70-degrees as you drink your coke.

On the camera there's a USB port so you can then upload your photos to your computer - no wireless transfers on this first version it seems.

The brand are hoping those swigging on their bottles of Coke will take selfies and upload them to their Instagram and Facebook pages.

The selfie bottle was created by ad agency Gefen Team as part of Coca-Cola's Summer Love ad campaign for Israel.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to be arriving in the UK anytime soon - although may be that's a good thing?  Facebook has previously been bombarded with Coke when the company released their personalised bottles last summer.

What do you think, want one?