Track your bike and your ride with the RLink.

Although many would prefer to never have to leave their beloved bike unattended, the reality is that a pop to the shops or a day in the office leaves us wishing we had a baby cam set up to gaze obsessively at our most prized possession. Introducing the next best thing courtesy of the ride tracking app, Rever.

Currently available in the US and hopefully arriving in the UK soon, the RLink is a cellular enabled GPS smart device that works alongside the app to provide real-time location, GPS tracking, bike diagnostics and analytics. This clever little device also offers always-on security for motorbike owners, which means that if anyone even touches your bike, you will know about it. It also means that friends and family can track you and your bike when you venture off into the great unknown which is yet another reason to head off for the adventure of your life. Rever is to motorbike riders what Strava is to cyclists, with the world’s largest community of motorcycle riders and the RLink gives you even greater connectivity to your tribe.

rlink for motorbikes

The device is installed by the user themselves to the bike’s battery and then synced to the Rever app on your phone. You can now connect and interact with your bike using your phone like a Na’vi connecting to their direhorse in the movie, Avatar. If you ever felt like you and your bike were one being, this piece of kit is for you.

The RLink will also capture all the data from your ride in a private RLink cloud account. From there you can access your riding stats including speed and distance to review or to share. RLink markets itself as the only all-in-one platform for motorcycle riders in the world and will set you back $299.99 or $259.99 for Rever users. There is also a subscription cost of $10.99 monthly for a two-year plan (billed biennially), $12.99 monthly for a one-year plan (billed annually) or $14.99 monthly.  UK pricing hasn't been confirmed yet.

This RLink subscription includes features such as:

- Find your bike from anywhere in the world
- Real-time security alerts
- 24/7, real-time motorcycle diagnostics and tracking
- Unlimited cloud storage to track all rides
- 24/7, real-time theft map for authorities and theft recovery
- Unlimited cellular data subscription
- Unlimited text messages for theft alerts
- Unlimited theft alerts via push notifications
- Find friend’s bikes during ride

Plus all the regular Rever app features including:

- Offline maps
- Create and join groups
- Create, share and copy rides

rlink for motorbikes

The bottom line is that if you have invested a lot of money and time into your motorcycle experience, this smart piece of kit could correspondingly save you a a lot of money and time and maybe even your life. It goes far beyond a regular GPS and is the future for the smart and connected biker. Hopefully it arrives in the UK soon.

With 'smart' cars, Apple CarPlay and now this for motorbikes, the connected world of vehicles and smartphones continues to evolve.

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