EE, 4G, 4GEE – do you know what it all means? If not, then here’s a quick explanation.

Everything Everywhere, the company behind both T-Mobile and Orange, has announced that it’s changing its name to EE.  That means that the existing Orange and T-Mobile brands will be phased out in the UK and the new brand will become Britain’s largest mobile operator  with 27 million customers. Over the coming months, you’ll see the Orange and T-Mobile brands disappear from the High Street and replaced with EE.

At the same time that EE announced its change of name, it announced the launch of the UK’s first 4G network – 4GEE as they’ve called it.

‘4G’ just stands for ‘4th Generation’. Each ‘generation’ of mobile network offers faster speeds than before. So 2G networks only offer speeds fast enough for calls and texts. When 3G networks came in, it was fast enough to enable mobile phone users to access the internet and download data such as music, TV programmes and movies.

4G networks will be even faster than 3G networks – 5 times on average.  So you’ll be able to download music or apps in a fraction of the time. Play multiplayer games with your friends on the go.  Stream HD TV programmes and movies without buffering. You’ll even be able to make video calls.

4GEE will be available 16 cities by the end of the year: Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Belfast, Southampton, Hull, Nottingham and Derby. By the end of next year, 4GEE will be available to 98% of the population.

The good news is that if you’re a Chitter Chatter customer, you’ll be able to upgrade to 4GEE as soon as it’s launched, as long as you live in one of the 16 cities above and have a compatible handset (which may mean you need to upgrade to enjoy the benefits).

If you’re a customer of O2, Vodafone or 3, then you’re going to have to wait around 12 months or so before you can access 4G services. That’s because these operators need to bid for more bandwidth from the Government before they can launch their own 4G networks. This bidding process won’t be happening until next year.

If you’d like to be experiencing the benefits of 4G sooner, you can always contact us about switching your contract to EE.

If all this has got you excited and you want to find out more about 4GEE and when it will be come to your area, you can register your interest here.