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Are you on one of EE's Essential priceplans for your phone?  If you are you may or may not know that the maximum 4G data speed for these plans has been 20Mbps (that's Megabytes per second).  Well no more as from today all existing Essential plan pay monthly handset customers will be getting a free speed boost to 60Mbps - that's x3 the speed of your previous 4G data connection!

This speed boost will kick in automatically from today which means that all 4GEE plan and Essential plan customers, both new and existing, will have access of up to 60Mbps.  Note the 'up to' as the maximum speed you'll get of course depends on the area you're in at the time.

Not sure if you're on an Essential plan?  These are usually the EE plans that don't have unlimited minutes - so the ones with 300, 500, 750 or 1000 minutes.

Brilliant news for those of us that enjoy their Netflix, YouTube and online gaming on their phones.

More details on EE speeds and network benefits can be found on our Why EE page.