5G comes down in price as EE now include it as standard on all their pay monthly mobile plans

EE has announced that from May 27th 2020, all its new pay monthly mobile plans are ready for 5G, while also introducing a new Reserve Data feature which will allow customers to stay connected, even if their high-speed allowance is used up.

This means that the new Essential, Smart and Smart SIM pay monthly mobile contracts will all be ready for the revolutionary 5G network which has been rolling out across the UK,  benefiting more customers with its lower latency and faster speeds.

In fact, there are now only three 4G-only tariffs left on the EE network now – Essential 15GB, 90GB and 125GB which will all end this month – the rest are all 5G ready and better value than ever.

New Reserve Data

The launch of the Reserve Data feature means that after the high-speed data allowance of an EE Smart Plan has run out, an extra allowance of data will kick in. It runs at a slower speed that your usual data (around 2MBps), so don't expect to be streaming 4K Netflix with it. However, Reserve Data can support access to apps such as Apple Music, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google Maps, giving EE customers ways of still keeping in touch and entertained, even when they are waiting for their next monthly allocation of data.

If you already have an unlimited data plan, then of course, Reserve Data won't apply to you, but for those with a capped data allowance, even if it is a massive 50GB or more, it's still peace of mind that you're never going to be disconnected due to running out.

There is also the option of choosing an add on for more full-speed data or to use EE's Data Gifting feature on the My EE app to receive data from a family member on the same account.

Heralding the announcement, EE's Director of Propositions (Consumer), Sharon Meadows, said: “We want to provide as many people as possible with access to the faster speeds, greater capacity and improved latency that 5G brings – so we’ve made all our new pay monthly handset plans, as well as our new Smart Sim plans, come with 5G as standard. When combined with inclusive Reserve Data, flexible Swappable Benefits, unlimited data, Service Packs and the option to upgrade anytime, EE’s Smart Plans really do enable customers to get the very most from their smartphone on the UK’s no. 1 mobile network.”

Reserve Data is only available on EE Smart Plans. EE Essential Plans don't include it.

A new era for bundled entertainment deals?

Another new arrival for Smart Plans is EE's Swappable Benefits perk, which is intended to "help customers get the most from their plan." This allows EE customers on a Smart Plan to choose and swap additional benefits on a monthly basis, picking and choosing which bundle suits them best for a particular month.

Among the benefits which EE customers can choose from are Amazon Prime Video, BritBox TV, featuring the best of UK terrestrial TV, a Video Data Pass, which is designed for those who typically watch a lot of videos on their phone, a Roam Further Pass, which allows customers to use an allowance outside the EU, and BT Sport Ultimate, showcasing the best in live sport and on-demand content.

Essential Plans also include a bunch of extra perks too

EE Essential Plans tend to cost a bit less per month than Smart Plans and because of that, they don't include Reserve Data or Swappable Benefits, however, they still include they're own range of extras.

Opt for an EE Essential Plan and you'll also receive 6 months free Apple Music, 6 months free BritBox TV and 3 months free BT Sport.

5G speeds

To take advantage of 5G speeds, you'll need a compatible 5G phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G or one of these. You'll also need to be in a 5G area, which EE are busy rolling out across the UK at the moment.

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One thing is for sure, EE is going all out to offer its customers an enticing combination of high-speed internet, generous data allowances and multiple entertainment benefits.

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