EEEE continue their mission to boost and improve their networks and have unveiled their latest plans to spend £1.5 billion on further upgrades. EE's network currently reaches 99% of the UK population and by the end of 2017, they aim to have 4G coverage for around 90% of the UK's population.

EE is planning on embracing some new technology over the next few years as they strive to grow their numbers of customers in rural areas. At the moment, EE have just under 8 million customers located in rural parts of the UK with the goal to improve the existing mobile coverage with faster speeds and a bigger capacity as well as providing deeper coverage in more British cities.

Some of the new technology EE are planning on using include drones and anchored balloons which make connecting up more inaccessible areas so much easier. In fact EE have recently rolled out their new infrastructure for their continued expansion of UK 4G network coverage and this involves using smaller and more portable base stations which are extremely quick to set up as no digging of roads is required. EE will be connecting up around 1,500 new rural communities which at present don't have any form of reliable mobile coverage or decent-speed broadband.

EE have also set themselves the target of improving the mobile voice coverage over the UK which stands at 82% at the moment with plans to get this up to around about 90 per cent. Never ones to rest on their laurels, EE are also planning the implementation of the better and faster 5G network which is hoped to be in place in London by 2020.