Not content with launching the Lumia 820 and 920, Nokia is also poised to launch the 620 in Europe at some point at the beginning of next year. So what's different about the 620, other than the name?

Well it isn't for those of you looking for a high end, high spec, large screened smartphone.  The screen is a comparatively small 3.8 inches (well, comparative to the new iPhone and devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3) and the resolution, at 800 x 480, is nowhere near as sharp as top end devices.  And the camera delivers just 5-megapixels.

But then again, the 620 isn't designed to be a top end device.  Those whose primary motivations for owning a phone are speaking and texting, rather than browsing the mobile web, will find it very appealing. As will those who want to buy into the Windows 8 experience but don't want to fork out for an 820 or 920.  The 620 will be the cheapest Windows 8 phone on the market.

And there's alot to like about the baby sibling in the Lumia range.  For example, the smaller screen makes the poorer resolution almost unnoticeable. It's not underpowered - packing a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon S4 Plus - especially given the processor friendly requirements of Windows 8. There's 8GB of built-in storage plus expansion through microSD up to a possible 64GB. And that camera will come with all of Nokia's excellent wizzy  software.

Best of all, it comes in a great range of colours - although we're unsure at this stage which colours will make it into which markets. The core range offers 7 - including a rather attractive lime green and a bright orange which really fizzes.

And perhaps best of all, at 3.8 inches, it fits really neatly into your palms i.e. you don't have to have hands like Joe Hart to operate it.

We think the Lumia 620 will be a real hit amongst the those looking for an entry level smartphone.  Of course, we'll know more nearer to the launch date which we've heard will be sometime in the first quarter of 2013.

We'll keep you posted.