flappybird_2805672bFlappy Bird (iOS, Android - free)

Riding high in the app charts over the past weeks is the new-ish game that everyone seems to be talking about - Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird has been around since last summer but it has steadily gained popularity as the months have gone by and has been generating headlines thanks to all the Facebook and Twitter posts as it drives its users crazy. The game itself is a simple enough concept - tap on the screen of your handset of choice, get your flappy bird airborne and fly it through the levels without crashing into the pipes. Cue frustration, flappy bird addiction and insomnia. Anyhow it's now available to download on android which is meant to be easier to play so there is some relief in sight for us Flappy Bird addicts.

Angry Birds Go! (iOS, Android  - free)

What is it about birds and addictive games? At least we get pigs too with the latest in the series of Angry Birds challenges from game designers Rovio. Rather than flying, the Angry Birds are now on Piggy Island complete with their go-karts and a whole load of fun race tracks. Even better you get to choose whether you want to be a bird or a pig, you can pick your go-kart and there's even some special powers you can use to give yourself a racing edge. Hours of entertainment for the kids and the grown-ups.

Doctor Who Legacy (iOS, Android - free)

What better way to celebrate Doctor Who's half century anniversary with a rather fantastic and challenging game. Requiring a fair bit of strategic thinking, Legacy includes Matt Smith as the good Doctor and his faithful companions and evil enemies from the sixth and seventh Doctor Who series. The game is a series of missions with colourful crystals which represent the Doctor's companions, match up the colours to attack the enemies. The more you match, the greater your fighting power.

Feed Me Oil 2 (iOS £1.99)

The improved and new-look Feed Me Oil 2 follows on from the original with more difficult puzzles and some new technology. The premise of the Feed Me Oil games is to transport the black sticky oil by filling up the oil guzzling characters and solving the puzzles to get it to where it needs to go. The characters and of course the oil need to be moved through and across different environments including water, air and ice. This upgraded version has some lovely colourful graphics, harder challenges and some new gadgets such as cannons, windmills and fans to help you with your mission.

ALPHA 9 (iOS - £1.22)

Definitely one to keep your brain sharp as we continue our hibernation from the relentless rain. ALPHA 9 is a must for anyone who loves a good word puzzle game or if you fancy trying something a bit different. It's also great for older kids to give their literacy skills a bit of a work-out. Basically you need to keep on spelling words from the letters given to stop the letter blocks making a pile upwards. There are two different game modes, the WALL where you try and score as many points as possible before the blocks stack up to their top level or the CLOCK where you try and top your best score within a certain amount of time. Lots of fun and great for your vocabulary!