If you spend a lot of your time in hotel rooms, airport lounges and flights, you need handy gadgets that will tide you over the long wait times, incessant buzz of crowds and poor accessibility. Here are a few we believe will make a journey easier and be appreciated by those who tend to travel a lot.

1. Power Banks

A must-have, power banks allow you to charge up your mobile or laptop even when you aren't near a charging station. You could call it a lifeline. Buy one with enough power to charge your phone multiple times. They come in various sizes and specifications, with the top of the line being Limefuel's Blast series or EC Technology's products to lower power output ones that will suffice for mobile usage such as Zendure's A-Series.

2. USB Cables

The most common and used accessory that comes as part of any package, yet mysteriously disappears within 3 months is the USB cable for charging your gadget. It's always useful to keep an extra one handy so purchase many at a go. Pick bring colours so you can tell them apart or pick them out from your luggage without having to shuffle through all the wires. Longer cables are useful when you're in the passenger side of a car or need to lean back. Apple's original lightning cable is a good choice here, but if you own an Android phone, go ahead and browse shopping sites to pick any microUSB cable!

3. Smartwatches

Stay connected on the go, without having to hold the phone for hours with a smartwatch. This year, we've seen a bunch of great smartwatches launched in various designs and price ranges, so pick one that suits your lifestyle. The original - Apple Watch - is a good bet. But we'd also recommend you look at other brands such as the Alcatel One Touch smartwatch 'Watch', the Pebble Time Round, Samsung's Galaxy Gear or LG Watch Urbane.


4. Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you're off on an office trip or on vacation, it's almost necessary to pack a pair of Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favourite tunes, or watch a movie without missing out on the quality of the audio. Nothing works better than wireless speakers that use Bluetooth to connect instantly to your laptop or tablet. Remember to buy one that's not just portable but also rugged enough to be bunged into your laptop bag. JBL's Clip has a great design that lets you hook it up, while Ultimate Ears' Roll is waterproof to boot.


5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Drown out the noise with the right headphones - a 'must-have' accessory for all travellers. Pick from the best such as Bose's QC20 or Sony's MDR-ZX110NA, or go in for the wireless option from Beats Studio. It's worth investing in them as compared to normal headphones as they block out all the incessant ambient noise and let you focus on your work or music.