At the Google Nexus and Chromecast launch event held in San Francisco last evening, 2 highly anticipated smartphones were launched and a surprise tablet called the Pixel C was showcased. Let's dive into these latest launches by Google, shall we?

Nexus 6P

This is the higher-end smartphone, with a larger display, a neat camera bump design, an aeronautical-grade aluminum body, a better battery and of course, a heavier price (£499 for the 64GB version). There's a 128 GB version too!

[caption id="attachment_2331" align="alignnone" width="944"]nexus6p Isn't that camera bump stylish?[/caption]

Weighing in at 178 grams, the phone's dimensions are 159.3 x 77.8 x 7.3mm and it comes with a 12.3 megapixel camera and a respectable 8 megapixel camera in the front. The main camera can shoot videos at a powerful 4K resolution, which is quickly becoming the norm for most smartphones this year.

The 5.7 inch display has stunning clarity whether you are gaming or watching a movie. The Nexus Imprint - a fingerprint scanner placed at the back of the mobile -  enhances the security of the Nexus 6P, especially useful when you are making payments. The mobile runs on a 2 GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor and its battery's a strong 3450 mAH one, which will last longer than your average mobile.
Watch the official video here:

Nexus 5X

This one is for the masses with a more affordable pricing, smaller display and an average battery. And yet the Nexus 5X is a good buy. Read on to see why.

The Nexus 5X's dimensions, weight and display size ensures it fits neatly into any pocket. Weighing just 136 grams, the phone has a 5.2 inch display. The main camera's still 12.3 megapixel with the same features as the 6P. The front camera remains at 5 megapixel, which is still fair enough for selfies. A 1.8GHz processor is perfect for multi-tasking, ensuring there's no lag or drag while you shift between apps on the latest Android OS - the Marshmallow. All for the price of £379 for the 32GB version. What else do you need, really?

Watch the official video of the Nexus 5X here:

What's new with both the mobiles is that they use the USB-C type charger which is faster and - more importantly - reversible!

Pixel C

Do you remember Google's earlier tablets - the Nexus 7 and Nexus 9? The Pixel C is different in that it's designed and manufactured by Google itself. The Nexus 7 was made by Asus while the Nexus 9 was by HTC.


The Pixel C is a 10 inch tablet with a metal body and runs on the latest Android OS - Marshmallow. The 64 GB version will cost £396 and the additional keyboard accessory that acts as a dock will cost £98, says the Guardian.