Google-Play-Music-All-AccessGoogle have just announced their new ‘on demand' music subscription service called ‘Google Play Music All Access’ which gives you instant access to millions of songs via its web and mobile interfaces.

But Google isn't the first company to launch an online music streaming service - Spotify has been around for a few years now.  So how does the new kid on the block compare to its established rival?

Costing just under $10 a month, Google’s All Access music subscription is currently only live in the US but is expected to be rolled out to other countries soon.   The service will enable you to instantly stream music tracks of your choice to your Android phone or tablet and will also feature the music charts, music recommendations, online radio stations and the ability to create your own playlists.

Any tracks already stored on your Google Music Locker will be available on All Access which will also allow you to play all the other music content created by your favourite artists at the tap of a button. One of the main advantages of All Access is not having to wade through a huge catalogue of your music tracks to find the one you want to play, Google’s new music service will be more intuitive with options to quickly queue up a bunch of tracks or to just get your favourite music playing as soon as possible.

So how does this compare with Spotify’s music subscription?

Price-wise, the new Spotify Premium service is priced at the same level as Google’s ’All Access’ and compared to their free service offers an ‘enhanced sound quality’, no irritating adverts, an offline mode for playlists and of course unlimited music.

Spotify Premium also gives access to millions of tracks which can be streamed rather than downloaded and you can check out your friends collections as well as your musical hero’s playlists to discover new artists or some musical inspiration. Like Google, Spotify also have radio streaming if you want to listen to something different. One of Spotify’s big attractions is that you can share your music with your online friends via the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and your blog if you have one.

The main advantage Spotify Premium has over Google is that it will enable you to stream tracks on all devices - including iPhones, Windows Phone, Android devices and home audio systems - not just Android devices.

If you've got a non Android device, it's got to be Spotify.  If you've got an Android device, then you could go for either - it comes down to personal taste, which provider you prefer and which interface you find the slicker.

We think Google Play All Access will be a success - and perhaps not at the expense of Spotify. Google is such a household name and has such marketing clout the outcome will probably be an expansion in the number of people streaming music rather than a mass exodus from one service to the other.

If you can hold off though, especially if you're an Apple user, it may be better to wait. Apple are rumoured to be planning to launch their own iRadio service soon and a bit of competition in the market may drive prices down.