Motorola-Moto-360-Smartwatch-5Wearables are certainly big business at the moment with more and more technology giants investing their resources into designing state of the smartwatches and fitness devices.

Just this week, Google have officially announced their new Google Wearable Android Wear. Android Wear is a new mobile operating system which has been specifically designed for smartwatches and other wearable devices. Rather than being able to do most things you do on your phone on a smartwatch, Android Wear is taking a slightly different angle. It will still keep you up to date with notifications - the idea is that you will use it for things that can be done quickly to help organise your life. These can include checking the weather forecast, catching up with your to-do list, looking up directions, browsing flight times or making a reservation. You'll also be able to send a text, book in an appointment, set up an alarm and take down some notes.

Android Wear will feature Google Now and O.K. Google voice search and it will also include fitness features such as a measuring speed and distances a user covers during the day. Google have confirmed that they are already working with several major electronics companies including Motorola, HTC, LG and even Samsung as well as Fossil the fashion group. It's expected that we will see watches featuring Android Wear later on this year.

Following hot on the heels of Google's announcement, Motorola have revealed that they will be unveiling a rather stylish smartwatch which will run on Android Wear called the Moto 360 and it could be with us as early as the summer. The Moto 360 boasts a premium design and more closely resembles the traditional round-faced wrist watch than any other smartwatch we've seen so far. Motorola are calling the Moto 360 'the wristwatch of the future' and thank to its Android Now based platform, it will subtlety advise of notification and alerts as well as offering the full benefits of Google Now which will enable you to obtain virtually limitless information on pretty much everything you need to know. The Moto 360 will initially be available in the USA sometime in the summer of 2014 and will be rolled out across the globe.

Not to be left out of the party, LG have also announced that they have a brand new smartwatch in the pipeline, the LG G watch. The G watch is anticipated to be making its debut in the coming months and it will also feature the exciting new Android Wear platform. LG are keeping the exact details fairly low-key at the moment but it's expected to be very competitively priced to stir up the wearables market and encourage developers to design apps for Android wearable devices. It's rumoured that the G watch will come with a square face and is likely to be launched and available ahead of the Moto 360.

We'll bring you more information on Android Wear and the new Moto 360 and G Watch smartwatches as soon as we have it.