Two of our favourite ever iPhone games are currently available for free

If you're looking for some extra entertainment whilst at home outside of Netflix or your latest book, some free games may just be the answer.

The brilliant Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure are now available for iOS in the Apps Store for free for a limited time. Both are side-scrolling action games, beautifully designed and offer a modest challenge whilst actually be pretty relaxing to play too.

The games are critically-acclaimed and often appear in 'Best iPhone Games' lists and Apple rank it as one of the '15 Most Beautiful Games'.

In Alto's Adventure you play a snowboarder tasked with making your way down a mountain slope dodging obstacles, collecting coins and avoiding the bad guys (who chase you down the mountain at various stages). It's tremendous fun and has that just-one-more-go appeal, without being too hectic or frustrating to play. The controls are tight, the gameplay is fluid and it's easy to pick up.

Alto's Odyssey is the follow up to the first game and see's you taking to a sandboard to journey down sand dunes, through canyons and temples. Like the first game, it looks stunning and is simple to play.

Both games have relaxing soundtracks helping you to take some time out from your work day or if you're having a quiet evening's gaming.

You can download both games in the App Store now for free and they both normally cost about £5 each. Both games are also on Android but are ad-supported on there.

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