If you’re fed up with our freezing cold, miserable weather, what better time to be thinking of sunnier climes and planning your next holiday. Also worth some forward planning and practice is a bit of preparation so you can take some brilliant holiday photos with your Smartphone. Here are some tips on how to take some memorable holiday pics.

One way to improve the photos from your phone is to download a few photography apps. This will allow you to compose and edit your photos into masterpieces that David Bailey would be proud of.

One of our favourite editing apps is TouchUp Pro which can alter the lighting and colour balance as well as cropping images, removing blemishes and giving you the choice of filters for special effects. If you’re a Photoshop fan, Photoshop Express is a free app which allows you to edit your photos to within an inch of their life and of course share the finished article with your family and friends.

Invest in Snapseed (voted last year’s Best Mobile Photo App). Created by the makers of some of the tools used for professional photographers, this awesome app enables you to turn your photos into works of art. Chose from filters, photo editing effects and framed borders as well as some of the best smartphone photo editing techniques available. There is an auto correct option to adjust exposure and colour balance or you can choose the levels yourself. It also has all the usual features which allow you to crop, rotate and tilt your subject matter.

If you want some shots of all the family you can use an app such as the Camera Self-Timer app which is pretty self explanatory or the Shout n’ Snap voice activated app which triggers the camera shutter on your say so.

If you don’t have the latest smartphone technology on your particular handset, check out the Camera Zoom FX app which has some excellent features including multiple-shooting modes, a burst mode, time lapse and will even let you know when you’re holding your handset steadily enough to get a good picture.

Make sure you have a Panoramic App such as Photaf Panorama which is ideal for taking photos of picturesque scenery or bustling towns and cities. Complete with a HD mode, you can create some stunning 360-degree shots as great keepsakes of your holiday.

If you’re like us and never get around to buying postcards let alone sending them, how about the Touchnote Postcards app? You can make your own holiday postcards from your holiday snaps, personalise them and send them to your nearest and dearest.