If your kids already have a smartphone or tablet and you’re looking for something different to give them this year there are some great gadgets out there that they’re sure to love. We take a look at 5 of our favourites.

Atari Arcade for iPad (£17)

Atari_ArcadeRemember in the days before tablets when you’d be lucky if your parents would let you loose on their PC. You may be had the odd game of Pacman or Sonic the Hedgehog but to play any other video games you had to pop down to your local arcade. Well how about this funky retro device which converts your iPad into an arcade gaming machine? Complete with buttons and a joystick you can now play your favourite old games on your iPad.

ION Audio DJ System (£23)

ION_AudioThis fun DJ deck turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a full-blown DJ Station. Just connect it up to your iOS device, download the Algoriddim DJ app and you’re ready to go. The ION Audio DJ System comes with two turntables, a cross-fader and various audio effects. You can browse and search for tracks and it has a cable so you can hook up your tunes to speakers. Great fun for anyone who enjoys music.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Racing Car (£32)

Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtle_Race_CarThis may be a toy that you’re kids won’t get much of a look in as you’ll probably be enjoying it far too much yourself! Have hours of entertainment with this inflatable racing car with a custom designed steering wheel cradle which securely holds your iPad. Inflate the car with the pump included, download some racing apps, jump into the driver’s seat and you can pretend you’re racing Sebastian Vettel.

Crayola Digitools Effect Pack for iPad (£22)

crayola_heros_effectsGet your little ones creating some works of art with this Crayola set of tools for the iPad. The tools work in conjunction with the app of the same name and include a Digital Crayon, Digital Stamper and Digital Colour Changer. You can draw some lovely sparkly designs and add some animated images. It also comes with a cute carry case.

Lego Life of George (£30)

Life_of_GeorgeLego Life of George is the first interactive Lego game you can play with an iPod touch, iPad or an iPhone. Essentially George gives you a series of building challenges as he travels through cities and holiday spots around the world. You need to complete his challenges with the lego bricks included in the pack as fast as you can. Once you’ve built your model, photograph it with your iOS device and George scores you on how well you’ve done! You can play on your own or challenge a friend.