It's been a while since mobile payments have been available to us, but it's still not taken off as expected. There are many reasons given by experts, but we think it's because it's just not fun. Granted, it would be useful if you've lost your wallet (but not your mobile) and need to take a bus back home. Or if you didn't have the right change at the grocery store. Well, we just have to be prepared, don't we? Today we'll look at how mobile payments work and specifically how easy EE's Cash on Tap is to use.

How does it work?

Besides all the hype, mobile payments or wallets or tap and go and cash on tap all refer to the same thing - being able to pay for things at a store. It's also pretty amazing to pay from your mobile - and go all digital, no paper cash!

The ads say all you need to do is launch the app and tap your phone on any contact-less card reader to pay for anything under £20.

The phone and the card reader use near-field communication (NFC) to exchange data, so even if you are a few centimeters from the reader it will work.

Who's running it?

Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay - everyone's on the bandwagon and each offers their own unique advantage. What you have to verify is how much coverage each has where you live. According to Forbes, "many stores still can’t accept payment via smartphones and won’t for a long time to come".

EE's Cash On Tap

This is where EE stands out. EE's Cash on Tap is a great alternative and is known to be a speedy way to make payments. Its advantage is that there are already 300,000 places in just the UK where you can use it! So when you step into a Boots, McDonald's, M&S, WH Smith, Pret A Manger or even a London bus, take the opportunity to try it out!

How do I get it?

Cash on Tap is exclusively available for pay monthly customers on selected EE phones. Head over to EE's website to check if your phone is compatible:


We hope you found this quick intro to mobile payments helpful and hope you will try it out! Give us a call if you need any help at all, we're happy to be of assistance: Customer Service = 0208 185 7579