Google Glass is in the news again because the first pairs have been sent out to those who successfully applied to be a Glass Explorer (don't get too excited, they're not available to the general public yet!)

Don't know what Google Glass is?  Where have you been?  Well, let us explain.

In short, it's a pair of Glasses. From Google.  But it's not just any old pair of glasses.  It's a pair of glasses with a little computer screen visible through the right lens. And that little computer screen can do lots of clever things.

It can take pictures and shoot video, share stuff on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, message your friends and look up stuff on the internet, amongst other things. It's all voice-activated, which is rather neat.  And you'll see it all on that little screen - be it the photo you've taken, the video your're shooting or whatever you've asked to see

Here's what they look like:


Just imagine some of the great apps you could build for Google Glass? Here's some of our favourites, sourced from around the internet.

Name Recognition

An app that uses the Google Glass camera to capture the faces of people you meet and then uses facial recognition to recognise those faces and pop the name up in a that little screen in front of your right eye. Hey presto, you never forget a name again.

Shopping Reminder

Ever seen something in a shop and then, when you've gone back to buy it, can't remember where you saw it? You need have that problem no more. One shot with your Google Glass camera will record the item, and its location.  Just by uttering 'red dress' you'll be guided via SatNav to the shop that you saw it in in the first place.

Recipes Right in Front of You

Why spend your time with your nose in a cookery book? Much better if they recipe was unfolding in front of you in your Google Glass screen. Better still if you were watching a little demonstration video. Saves getting your cookery books covered in food, too.

Directions as You Drive

Google clearly think that Google Glass will be great for SatNav because it's one of the uses they featured on their introductory video. But just think how much better it would be to see those directions right in front of you rather than fiddling with some device that keeps falling off your dashboard.

Keep Fit with a Bit of Competition

There's no better way to eek out some extra effort and performance than a bit of competition, so one company has envisaged an app where your work out buddy is visible in your Google Glass. And he's jogging just a little faster than you to get you to pick up the pace and burn up some extra calories.

Can you think of any great applications for Google Glass? Share them by commenting below.