Fancy some extra cash this week towards a shiny, new phone or a shopping trip? We have good news, Trade In has arrived at Chitter Chatter.

Trade in at Chitter Chatter

Did you know, the average household has 1-3 unused mobile phones sitting around in drawers or cupboards at home? That equates to over 6 billion unused phones in the UK!  Imagine the money people could make if they traded in or recycled their old phones.

All those phones, plus all the other gadgets and electronics thrown out or left unused around the house totals up to 1.3 million tonnes of electronic waste each year.  Trade in your old phone means you get some cash which you can spend on whatever you want, including a new phone, and you're helping the environment as your phone doesn't end up at a landfill and your old phone or its components can be reused, which means less new electronics and plastics need to be produced.  You're helping yourself and the planet. Oh, and you get to de-clutter your house!

With that in mind, Chitter Chatter have launched Trade In.  You can trade your old mobile phone in directly with us for up to £280 cash and it's really simple.

  1. Head to the Chitter Chatter Trade In page
  2. Enter your phone model, condition and details
  3. We give you an instant online quote
  4. Post your phone to us and the cash is paid directly into your bank account

We set out to make the simplest, quickest and best trade in service in the UK and we hope we've achieved that. Your trade in will be processed directly by us as soon as we receive it, and you even get a free postage label to post your phone to us. Of course, the Chitter Chatter team are always on hand for any questions you might have.

If you're due an upgrade, it's worth trading in your old phone for some cash towards it, either before or after you've upgraded. Take a look at the Trade In page now and see how much your phone is worth.

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