Up until now, Huawei devices have offered Google Play (Android) to customers wanting to purchase apps

A few month's back Huawei ran into difficulty in allowing Google's apps to feature on future smartphones due to trade restrictions enforced by the USA. This left Huawei unable to install the Google Play Store, Google Play Services or any other Google apps on any new smartphones it launched.

This meant that when the new Huawei Mate 30 Pro arrived, it launched without Google apps or services in the UK (despite being an amazing piece of hardware).

So with no Google Play Store, Huawei have now launched their own app store called Huawei AppGallery, meaning there are now four app stores in the market battling for your attention; Apple App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery and the Amazon App Store.  Of course, which one you use also depends on which phone you choose, but still it's interesting to see a new entrant to the mobile app market.

[caption id="attachment_3162" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]App store screens Apple and Google's app stores are already well established but Huawei does has a large user base to win over developers.[/caption]

With Huawei's new app store, users privacy and security will be top priority when they are using the service, whilst providing them with a unique and smart experience using only the top quality apps.

In line with these values, Huawei are forming notable partnership with high calibre content providers including News UK, the most well-known news company in the United Kingdom, to offer users instant access to news services on their Huawei devices. It’s three flagship apps will be The Times, The Sun and talkSPORT which will launch on the AppGallery this week.

The Times and The Sun newsfeed will be displayed in Huawei Assistant’s “waterfall style” which will allow for immersive browsing and infinite scrolling but a subscription may be required for full access to The Times and The Sunday Times.

talkSPORT's sports games voice broadcast service will present real-time sports games information and live streaming. They will be able to listen to their favourite shows on the move, see the weekly radio schedule and use the catch up function in case they miss anything.  Users will see Instant Access icons by swiping right from their home screen where they will be redirected to The Times, The Sun and talkSPORT apps.

“I think this is a really good long-term partnership we can have with Huawei. I feel there’s a lot more innovation we can do to drive forward amazing customer experiences on these devices,” said Christina Scott, Chief Technology Officer of News UK.

With over 400 million monthly potential users, the Huawei App Gallery is by no means starting from scratch, and that customer base will no doubt be appealing to app developers looking to boost and diversify their own revenue streams.

Of course, an app store is nothing without decent apps to download, so the next few months will be crucial for Huawei to win over more developers.  Just ask BlackBerry and Microsoft.

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