bolt-699x420If you're an avid Instagrammer but haven't as yet given Snapchat a whirl then it would be well worth giving Instagram Bolt a try.

Instagram Bolt is a super quick instant photo messaging app where you can capture an image or a video and send it automatically to your friends or family instantly. Here's the lowdown on this fun new app.

Available to download for free for iOS or Android, Instagram Bolt is already proving to be very popular both in terms of the number of downloads and in the reviews its receiving. You can choose up to 20 of your smartphone contacts as Favourites who can be recipients of your Bolt photo and video messages. All you need to do is download the app, sign up with your mobile phone number, set up your 20 Favourites and you're off.

Currently the fastest way to message your loved ones with a new photo or video clip, you simply tap your smartphone to take your photo or hold it down for a bit longer to send a video and as soon as you take your finger off your handset, your content is sent. As the message is sent so quickly, there is no editing to be done or filters to add and each message you send is sent to the individual contact you have selected.

If you need to undo the contact, for example you've selected the wrong person to send it to, then you can shake your handset to start again. It's worth noting that as soon as your recipient has viewed the photo or video it's deleted, but it's a fun and fast way to have a photo chat with family and friends as the images can be captioned.

It's thought that an incredible half a billion photos are messaged using Snapchat every single day and currently in excess of 60 million images and videos are shared on Instagram so this is definitely a smart move by Instagram to encourage their devotees to try out a new way of photo messaging.