As expected Apple unveiled their latest operating system, iOS 8 at their Worldwide Developers Conference last week. There's certainly been a significant upgrade from iOS 7 and there are plenty of new  iOS 8 features. Here are some of the exciting additions:


The most hotly anticipated new iOS 8 features was Apple's new health app, Healthkit. As predicted Apple's health app monitors a whole host of fitness and health information and stores it in one place. The data is gathered and recorded via various other apps on iOS 8 and can include your heart rate, cholesterol, calories burned, steps taken and sleep patterns amongst others. There's also the option to customise your very own health card which contains important details about your health including blood group, allergies, medication etc. Apple's aim in the future is to make this data transmittable to doctors and hospitals.

Interface Design

The design of Apple's operating system has had a makeover. iOS 8 now features Interactive Notifications which means you can now reply to messages, Facebook updates, calendar events etc without having to open up the actual app. The Mail feature has also been improved - you can now just swipe to go through your emails and quickly flag important stuff and delete anything you no longer need. By tapping twice on the home button, there's a handy list of your most popular contacts and apps you use the most so you can quickly message, call or Facetime your friends or open up the apps you use regularly.

New Features - Continuity & Family Sharing

There's a handy new feature called Continuity which enables you to carry on from where you left off if you're writing a document or email on your iPhone and you want to finish it off on your iPad or Apple Mac. If you've got several Apple devices for different members of your family then Family Sharing allows you to share iTunes, iBooks and App store purchases amongst yourselves. It works by linking up your Apple IDs, up to a maximum of six IDs per family. Family Sharing also means you can share calendars, reminders and photo streams with everyone in your household and your locations so you know where your family is.

Keyboard and Siri

There's also been a revamp to the keyboard with iOS 8 with much improved predictive text which can anticipate what you're likely to type next (based on previous use) and if your text is going to be formal or more casual according to who you are messaging. This new technology will make future emails and messages so much quicker and there's also now the option to use keyboard apps downloaded from other developers. Siri also has some useful new features such as direct iTunes purchases, Shazam integration and more than twenty additional languages added.

iOS8 will be available for download from around Autumn this year. It will be compatible with any iPhone from 4s onwards, 5th generation iPod touch, the iPad 2, iPad with Retina, iPad Air, the iPad Mini and the iPad Mini with Retina.