concept -iphone-6Some very interesting rumours have emerged over the last week concerning the new iPhone 6 and iWatch. Both devices are arguably the most eagerly anticipated new Apple products in a long while and the number of reports and rumours is reaching fever pitch.

First up is speculation that the smaller of the two anticipated iPhone models, which is expected to feature a 4.7-inch screen and be launched next month, will not in fact come with a sapphire glass screen. The reason apparently behind this is that sapphire glass is made from synthetically grown crystal which is laborious and very slow to produce especially in the large quantities that would be required in the relatively short period of time Apple would have had to manufacture it. It's also debatable whether the iWatch will feature a sapphire glass display as it may not be compatible when combined with the flexible OLED panels which will be needed for Apple's new wearable.

Reports have also appeared in the media which infer that the launch of the larger of the two iPhone 6 models - which is thought to boast a 5.5-inch phablet-sized screen - may be delayed until later this year due to some problems with production and testing. We could in fact see the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 hitting stores around about late November in time for Christmas and some sources think that the iWatch may be released around the same time.

Also appearing online this week were more leaked images of the likely design of the iPhone 6. The most recent pictures indicate that the new Apple handset could have some sort of new Apple logo on the rear shell as well as revamped antennas on the back, rounded edges and the power button moved to a different location. Everything we've seen so far points to a much more slimline iPhone shape and its rumoured that the volume controls on the new models could be similar to those found on Apple's latest iPods.

It's thought that both the new iPhone 6 smartphones will run on a brand new Apple A8 processor which has been specially designed for maximum battery efficiency. The new handsets as well as the iWatch will feature Apple's latest Health software which will include a whole host of fitness and health monitoring and will run on the very latest iOS 8 operating system.

*LATEST UPDATE - we've just heard that the smaller iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) is still going to be launched in September but may not be released until October. More as soon as we have it.