Microsoft have recently announced that the famous Nokia brand will be no longer. In the 1990's Nokia was the world's biggest mobile phone company with some of their handsets still topping the all time best selling list. In tribute to the once iconic mobile phone giant, let's take a little nostalgic stroll down memory lane...

mobira citymanBelieve it or not, Nokia can trace its roots all the way back to the 19th Century when it started out as a paper mill. It then moved onto the manufacture of gas marks throughout the war years and branched into mobile phones in the 1980's. If you can remember those first brick-like handsets in the early years then Nokia made a few of their own including one of the first (for the 80's at least!) so called compact mobile phones, the Mobira Cityman 900 which weighed a whopping 760 grams and was 79mm thick!

Nokia 8110 'Banana phone'Nokia went from strength to strength in the 1990's and at the start of the new millennium. Nokia were certainly leaders of the mobile phone world and were responsible for designing one of the world's first curved handsets, the Nokia 8110 banana in 1996 which came with a sliding cover. In fact Nokia manufactured 9 out of the 10 all time best selling mobile phones worldwide which just goes to show how dominant they were in the mobile phone industry. In those days pretty much everybody who had a mobile phone had a Nokia.

Nokia_3210In 1999 Nokia unveiled one of the first really compact mobile phones the Nokia 3210. It went on to sell over 160 million handsets and its size meant that it was one of the first handsets to be small enough to fit into a pocket. The Nokia 3210 mobile phone is seen as many as the catalyst for the massive popularity of mobile phones today as it was accessible to more users and cheaper deals meant that more people could afford their own handset.

The early 2000's saw a whole raft of new mobile phones from Nokia which included the Nokia 3310 with the infamous interchangeable covers as well as photo messaging and basic games. Nokia's 7650 handset featured a decent sized colour screen as well as Multi Media messaging and was one of the first mobile phones which could synchronise with PCs and laptops using Microsoft Outlook.

Nokia1110ilowres2In 2004, the Nokia 7710 sported a revolutionary touchscreen which was hugely popular for web surfing and video. In 2005 Nokia launched their Nokia 1110 mobile phone which sold an incredible 250 million handsets, an achievement which has yet to be surpassed.

In 2011 with sales on the wane, Nokia teamed up with Microsoft to create a 'strategic alliance' and later that year the first of the Nokia Lumia Windows phones were unveiled. In 2012, Samsung took the mantle of the world's largest handset seller, a position Nokia had held for an impressive 14 years and in 2013 Microsoft officially acquired Nokia's mobile phone division for a fee of almost £5 billion.

And, of course, 2014 saw Microsoft phase out the Nokia brand for all new handsets.