EE show their gratitude to our incredible NHS by helping them stay connected

From today, NHS workers on EE will get unlimited data on their pay monthly mobile phone until October 9.

NHS workers will be able to access it by simply inputting their email address to add it to their plan. It will be available from the 9th April until the 9th October.

The network is positioning the offer as 'one less thing to worry about’ and it is their way of ensuring that NHS workers stay connected to family, friends and vital information in these uncertain times.

With many NHS workers taking on extra shifts and volunteering their time and specialist skills to help on the frontline, they need to know that in the short breaks they get, they can check in on their nearest and dearest and keep up to speed with their teams and the frequent updates from the top.

All eligible customers need to do is go to once they have their EE phone, and enter their NHS email address and EE pay monthly mobile number.

There are a few points to note about the offer, here are the finer details:

Does the offer apply to new and existing EE customers?


Do I have to have purchased my phone directly from EE to get this offer?

All NHS workers on EE pay monthly handset plans are eligible, regardless of where you purchased your EE phone from, including Chitter Chatter.

Are NHS contractors eligible for this offer?

You need to be an NHS worker with a valid NHS email to be eligible so this offer will not apply to contractors.

How long does this offer last for?

The offer lasts until October to ensure that it lasts above and beyond the expected time frame of the pandemic.

Which EE products are eligible for the offer?

You need to have a pay monthly handset or SIM plan with EE. Pay as you go, mobile broadband, home broadband and tablet plans are excluded from this offer.

How many phones can I apply the offer to?

There is only one redemption per customer

Can friends and family also claim the offer?

The offer cannot be passed onto other friends and family and cannot be used with Data Gifting

Are there any restrictions?

Restrictions may apply on certain plans. If you already have unlimited data, you will not be eligible.

How do I claim the unlimited data?

When you have entered your email at, the offer will be applied. Confirmation will be then be received on screen, email and SMS when active. This could take up to 7 days.

The data will be applied automatically but may take up to 7 days for successful applications. The free data will then be removed aligned to the first bill date after October 9th 2020.

The unlimited data will be applied at the speed of your existing mobile plan.

Is EE unlimited data capped?

All EE unlimited plans are uncapped so you can use as much data as you like as long as it’s for personal use. Please visit for more information on personal use.

How do I remove the offer?

You can remove the offer before 9th October by texting ‘STOP NHS DATA’ to 150 from your EE device.

Can I use the data for tethering?

You can hotspot or tether off of your phone as long as it’s for personal use only

Can I use the data outside of the UK?

The data can be used anywhere in the UK and EU. If you are using it outside of the UK, EE's normal Fair Use Policy applies for unlimited data.

EE are working hard to keep everyone connected during these uncertain times, especially those who may be finding it difficult. Their unlimited offers are therefore prioritising the vulnerable, disabled and NHS workers at this time, but they are constantly reviewing how can help more of their customers so keep a look out at Chitter Chatter for more updates.

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