Whether you're searching in Google Play or the App Store, there are a bewildering number of apps out there.

So we thought it would be useful if we picked out the 10 best released in the past month (in our opinion, anyway).

Without further ado, here they are:

Look Away Now (Google Play, £0.99)

This one made us chuckle. Remember what they say on the news just before MotD on a Saturday night, 'If you don't want to know the result...' Well, for footie fans who are desperate to avoid finding out the result before they see the highlights can download this app. It blanks out the tweets from their Twitter feed which refer to in play Premier League matches.

Shopitize (Google Play, Free)

We're all looking to tighten our belts at the moment and this is an app which allows you to save money on your supermarket shopping. Scan you receipt and with this app you can claim cashback from the likes of Kellogg's and United Biscuits. It's only 'open to everyone' for a limited period, so if it's piqued your interest, you'd better get your skates on.

Sandbox Kids Corner (Google Play, Free)

This is an app designed to help parents make their children's smartphones safe. Parents can create a homescreen for their child, stipulating who they can call, what apps they can use, and how long for. Remote monitoring is included too.

Best Hand Shadow Arts (Google Play, Free)

Ever wish you were better at shadow puppets rather than just creating a rather lame-looking bird with your hands? Well, Best Hand Shadow Arts can transform you into a virtuoso. teaching you how to create around 70 hand shadow puppets including eagles, cats, wolves and horses.

Write Music by Stedman (Google Play, Free)

Budding songwriter? This app may be for you as it allows you to record vocals and music to create your own compositions.

Yog (App Store, Free)

This is a running app but it's purpose is to do more than just boast to your Facebook friends about how far you've just run. The idea behind Yog is to connect you to other runners around the world, as if you're jogging together.

Flayvr (App Store, Free)

Photos on your iPhone need sorting out? Flayvr will help you organise them by date and event/experience. Sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is also included.

Funny Faces Camera (App Store, Free)

Somebody in your family who doesn't photograph well? Funny Faces may be the solution. This apps makes a silly noise just prior to the photograph being taken to surprise your friend or family member out of their 'photo face.' You can rate the success of each sound effect, so other users can see which ones work best.

Angry Commuters (Google Play, Free)

If you find frustration getting the better of you when you're commuting to and from work, this app may be a way to let off a little steam. It comes from Imperial College London as part of a research trial into commuting in the capital. You can use it to file a report on your commuting journeys, including how happy and relaxed you feel. The results get fed into an overall survey and you get a personalised report on your journeys if you take part.

Glorious Flavour Map (Google Play, Free)

Could this be the start of another, albeit niche, social network? The Glorious Flavour Map is just what you think it would be - a map created by its users of "interesting, tasty, unique and inspirational tastes" around the world. Users can then browse what's near their current location when looking for something to eat.