nigella_ipadWe’re in the midst of one of the wettest and coldest British winters in recent times, so what better way to keep warm than by trying out some of these superb cookery apps.

Here are 10 of the best to cook up a storm with.

Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals – a great new app to accompany the book and TV series of the same name. There are over 100 recipe dishes to choose from as well as information on nutrition, essential ingredients and kitchen gadgets. You can download meal videos free of charge and watch the Channel 4 series behind-the-scenes videos from one of the UK’s most popular chefs. Dinner Spinner – probably my favourite cooking app with thousands of recipes and inspiration for meals which caters for all sorts of diets. If you have some random ingredients in your cupboard you need to use up, you can browse the recipe database by ingredients as well as the type of dish you want to cook (e.g. main meal, desserts, etc). You can also choose meals to cook according to the time it will take to prepare and cook it or just shake your handset or iPad for a random choice of recipes!

How to Cook Everything – this nifty little app from Mark Bittman, food columnist of the New York Times, is based on his best selling cookbook.  The recipes are organised by ingredients making it ideal if you are looking for new ideas or have food to use up in your fridge. The app has great pictures and step-by-step instructions which make it pretty fool-proof and there’s even a built-in timer so you don’t over-cook your masterpiece.

Nigella’s Quick Collection – a useful app from another of our top British chefs. Complete with over 100 recipes including bonus recipes you can unlock and recipes of the month, as the title suggests all of the dishes are simple and quick to prepare and don’t involve a lengthy list of ingredients. There are also time-saving tips, video-clips and a variety of recipe search options.

Michel Roux Jr Fine Dining with the Master Chef – a fantastic app which features some delicious gourmet recipes, not to mention mouth-watering pictures. Impress your loved ones and friends with some superb dishes which are clearly explained and fairly straightforward to follow.

Gordon Ramsay Cook with Me – another app by a British ‘celebrity’ chef but pretty good none-the-less. Featuring 56 recipes with accompanying videos on how to cook the various dishes, there are some useful tutorials on useful chef-skills and some tasty dishes most of which can be cooked relatively quickly and painlessly.

Teach Me Sushi – a must-have for sushi lovers, this handy app teaches you all you need to know about how to make and shop for your very own sushi dishes. Great videos and beautiful pictures combined with easy to follow instructions will make you a proficient sushi-chef before you know it.

Epicurious – packed full of literally thousands and thousands of recipes which can be searched in a variety of ways such as by ingredients, keywords or meal types, this app has dishes to suit all palates and dietary needs. With simple instructions and a handy recipe-shopping list function, you are pretty much guaranteed to serve up some decent culinary dishes.

Egg Boiler for iPad – sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. You choose the egg consistency you are aiming for and then chose the variables such as whether it’s been stored in the fridge or not and if you are cooking it in hot or cold water and it will tell you exactly how long you need to cook it for and will provide a timer with an alarm so you can cook your egg to perfection – genius!

Photo Cookbook Quick & Easy – if you prefer lots of pictures rather than written instructions this is the perfect cooking app. With photos of the ingredients and simple instructions there are plenty of clear photos to show you what to do and what the end result will look like as well as photos of serving suggestions. You get 84 recipes with the basic version of the app with the option to buy additional ones ‘in-app’, there’s also a separate Baking app.