peppa-pig-theme-park-appPeppa Pig Theme Park (Android £3.99)

Hands up who's a fan of Peppa Pig? It's not just for little kids you know! The appeal of Peppa Pig shows no sign of slowing down and their latest game app will not disappoint. Educational as well as lots of fun, there are 10 theme park mini games and activities such as colouring and interactive stickers to hold the attention of even the most energetic little one. Handy for travelling especially when trying to keep them sat in a plane seat for long enough, it's definitely worth downloading.

Fantasy Football (Android - free)

Football fans are no doubt rejoicing as football is back at stadiums and screens around the land. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a football fanatic then why not give this new Yahoo app a whirl which brings European football to the ever popular Fantasy Football games. Pick your teams and pit them against some of the world's best players with games and tournaments in Europe's top leagues which include Serie A, EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga.

Snap Clap (Android - free)

If you keep missing those spontaneous special moments then this new and rather clever camera app could be right up your street. No more fiddling around for the shutter button on your smartphone as all you have to do is prop up your camera (or get someone to hold it for you) and clap your hands to take your picture. Snap Clap also has some handy features so you can decide which camera on your smartphone to use as well as manual setting and editing tools to perfect your photos.

Crazy Taxi City Rush (Android - free)

Crazy Taxi City Rush is the revamped version of the original Sega Crazy Taxi game. Hours of entertainment to be had in your very own fleet of taxis. As the name suggests the aim of the game is to drive your cabs around town picking up and dropping off your fares as quickly as you can. The crazier your driving and the routes and methods you take, the higher the gains. For extra fun you can customise your cabs, add your own soundtracks and undertake some special challenges and missions.

Manuganu 2 (Android - free)

The second in the Manuganu series of games does not disappoint. Fans of the classic endless running and platform jumping games are sure to love this latest. There are 40 levels to tackle with superb 3D graphics and great scenery. As well as running and jumping, the game's hero Manuganu can also swim, fly and roll. There are 4 bosses to beat along the way as well as an additional 3 stars if you choose to take up the challenge. Addictive gaming for all ages!