We may call them smartphones but we're spending less and less time actually making and receiving calls on them, and more and more time doing things like playing games.

Anyway, if you've got a few minutes to spare and want a little idle amusement, here are a few suggestions for those of you with Android phones:

Bad Piggies (Free)

bad_piggiesAnother great game from Rovio who brought us Angry Birds amongst others. The aim of the game is to transport the Piggies to get their eggs by building them a flying contraption from a random selection of parts and avoiding crashing and blowing it apart. There are more than 200 levels to negotiate with extra levels which can be unlocked. Lots of fun to be had steering those Piggies through some tricky levels to safety.


Tiny Thief (Free)

TinyThiefA quirky and surprisingly challenging game with lots of humour and old-style charm. Tiny Thief is the good guy out to get the baddies by solving puzzles and challenges and out-witting enemies including pirates, the Dark Knight and a huge robot. There are six different medieval adventures with sieges, battles and hidden treasure to discover. Suitable for all ages.

QuizUp (Free)

QuizUpThis fantastic and award winning trivia game is a bit like your own pub quiz. With millions of players worldwide, there's a huge number of topics to choose from so there's something to suit everyone. You can hook up with friends and test your general knowledge or pit your brains against other QuizUp members and make some new ones. The quizzes are quick to complete so you can dip in and out whenever you have some spare time and new questions and categories are added all the time so there's always new questions to test you.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (£4.99)

minecraftWe couldn't do a blog on our favourite games without including one of THE most popular apps, Minecraft. Seriously addictive, kids are guaranteed to love it and it will keep you entertained for hours whilst you build impressive feats of construction with never ending swathes of blocks. The Pocket Edition comes with the Creative and Survival Modes and you can hook up and play with friends using the multiplayer mode over a Wifi network.

Football Manager Handheld (£6.99)

football_managerOne for all you budding Jose Mourinho's out there, Football Manager gives you all the tools to involve you in the virtual managing of clubs in the football league. Packed with lots of stats including fixtures, results, match information, player details and of course the state of the finances, you can manage the teams, deal with the media and build your very own take on the team showing off your transfer and buying skills.