Doctor_Who_appNovember is almost over but it's been a cracking month for innovative and entertaining apps.

Here are our 5 favourites:

Doctor Who: Say What You See (iOS, Android £0.69)

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who this app which has been released for the 50th anniversary year of the series is a must. Pit your Doctor Who knowledge against the 150 cryptic puzzles hidden in the pictures contained with this app. The puzzles will test you across the whole 50 years of the show and for every answer you guess correctly you’re rewarded with some interesting secrets and trivia you may not know.

Bear & Hare (Android, iOS – Free)

A lovely new app for little ones based on the Bear & Hare featured in the John Lewis Christmas ads. The app follows the same story line about a brown bear who had never seen Christmas as he’d been in hibernation so the hare buys him an alarm clock so he won’t miss out on the fun with his friends.  The app is an interactive book with gorgeous illustrations and animation. Kids will love decorating the Christmas tree, playing the Woodland Orchestra game and reading along to the story.

SunDo (iOS – Free, Android £2.70)

A great app to get yourself and everything in your life organised! Perfect for keeping your to-do list updated with some fun sun animation and images to brighten your day. SunDo is handy for work as well as your personal life as it can be used for meetings and projects as well as travelling and organising holidays. You can also share projects and whatever plans you have with colleagues or family and friends.

Lift (Android, iOS – Free)

Most New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside but you don’t have to wait until after Christmas if you want to change an area of your life. Lift is a bit like having your own daily lifestyle coach, you decide what goal(s) you want to achieve and the app helps you to develop simple steps and motivate you to get you into a routine to reach your targets. It comes with over 100,000 goals or skills you want to pursue such as fitness, productivity, diet changes and also relationship and career development.

Clumsy Ninja (iOS – Free)

This fun and entertaining game first made its debut when Apple launched their iPhone 5 last year. The cute and rather clueless Clumsy Ninja needs your help. He’s essentially a virtual interactive friend who needs to be trained to learn tricks and new moves to earn his Ninja Belts using all sorts of different games. He also needs to find his lost friend Kira so embark on an adventure with him to unlock new characters, tasks and games as you go.