If you've been sweltering inside like us then it's time to head outside to a shady spot and relax with some decent tunes. Here are 5 of our favourite Bluetooth speakers which perfectly pair up with a smartphone for some music 'al fresco.'

TDK Trek Flex (around £70)

tdk_62190_trek_flex_a28_wirelessspeaker_blk_water_stdThese are ideal for festivals, camping and chilling on the beach as they are robust and can put up with dust, dirt, sand and rain. Boasting a resistancy to water, dust and knocks and bumps, these speakers have been designed in a cylinder shape and offer 360 degree sound and an impressive bass. There's a button on the side so you can change your tracks on the speakers themselves and they can be positioned horizontally or vertically to fit in with the space available and type of terrain.


UE Mini Boom (approx £55)

UE_Mini_BoomColourful and fun, the UE Mini Boom speakers are small, light and very portable. Weighing 300 grams and with a width of only 11cms, they may be mini in stature but they certainly don't lack power with a max sound output of 86 decibels which is clear and crisp. Featuring rechargeable batteries which can power around 10 hours of music playback, they are compatible with smartphones and any Bluetooth enabled device.


Bose Soundlink Colour (£120)

Bose_Soundlink_ColourThe big name doesn't necessarily mean a big price tag. Superb value speakers from sound specialists Bose and available in a choice of some fantastic colour options. They are fairly light at 500 grams and will last around 8 hours between charges. With beautiful sound quality and great clarity, they can also be used with devices which don't feature Bluetooth as there's a 3.5mm jack on the back.


Sony Ultra Portable Wireless Speaker (around £42)

Sony_Ultra_Portable_Wireless_SpeakerAnother great value speaker from a well-known brand. This speaker will fit into the palm of your hand and can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth or NFC technology. With 360 degrees of surround sound, you can also take calls on the built-in speakerphone. Stick it in your bag and you're ready to go.


Beats Pill (approx £170)

Beats_PillIf you want to splash out on some Bluetooth speakers to impress your mates then how about the Beats Pill speakers by Dr Dre? With a stylish design, they are lightweight and compact and as well as streaming your music, you can take phone calls on it and even use it to charge up your smartphone. The Beats Pill comes in a range of 7 colours and can be paired up with another Beats Pill speaker for double the sound.