Smartphone cameras are getting better all the time, although that may not be quite as good as top of the range cameras, especially when it comes to optical zoom and special lenses.

However, these accessories will make you wonder why you bothered with a separate camera in the first place.

Olloclip 4-in-1 (approx £50)

olloclip_4-in-1These fantastic clip-in lenses as the name suggests give you four different camera effects for your smartphone in the one gadget. They have been especially designed for mobile phones and you simply choose the lens you want to slide across your smartphone camera depending on the effect you want to achieve. The four options on this particular Olloclip accessory are a wide-angle lens, a fisheye lens and macro lenses of 10x and 15x for close-up images. Cheap, fun and a good range of effects.


instaLens (£25)

instalensinstaLens make a range of lenses which will fit onto virtually any smartphone using an attachment ring. If you want to reduce glare and reflection from your shots when taking pictures in sunny conditions then their Polarizer lens is exactly what you need. As well as eliminating glare, the Polarizer will improve the colour saturation and intensity of your images and balance out the light exposure. It's great value, very portable and offers something different from the usual smartphone camera attachments.


Moment Lenses (around £70 each)

Moment_Platforms3Choose from two different Moment Lenses, the Moment Wide and the Moment Tele. They are compatible with iPhones from the iPhone 4 and onwards as well as a selection of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones including the Galaxy Note 3 and 4 and the Samsung S4 and S5. The company behind Moments have years of experience in providing lenses to the cinema industry so their smartphone lens accessories are extremely high quality to give a professional look to your photos with clarity and without distortion. Just decide whether you need the Moment Tele telephoto lens for superb close-ups or the Moment Wide for snapping landscapes or group shots.


Klyp+ iPhone Cases (from £25)

Klyp_Black_Kit_Large1.jpg.xsdThe Klyp+ iPhone cases are a 2-in-1 accessory which work as a traditional case to protect your smartphone and they also convert your mobile phone into a pretty impressive camera. As well as giving you a better grip on your iPhone and a steadier hand, there are a selection of mounts on the case which means you can attach a range of Klyp camera accessories including lenses, LED lights and tripods.


Sony Universal Small Foldable Tripod (around £11)

sony_tripodThis lightweight tripod will fit any smartphone to give you stability as well as the best angle to take your photos or shoot video. It can also be used as a camera handle for your smartphone selfies or to get in to take shots at awkward angles or in tight spaces. Weighing just 240 grams, it's slim and folds down to a compact size. It also comes with its own carry case.