Our_5_Favourite_Career_Enhancing_AppsYou may be looking for a new job or want to improve your career prospects with your current employer or maybe you're self employed and looking to grow your business. If any of these apply to you then it makes sense to consider the range of career-boosting apps which are available at little or no cost. Over two thirds of job-hunters use mobile phones or tablets to search for a new jobs and it's expected that this figure could exceed 80 per cent over the next 5 years. Here are 5 of our favourite apps.

JobCompass (iOS,Android Free)

Useful app for searching for job vacancies with more than 55 counties to choose from including the UK. Just enter your criteria and search for jobs within a one mile radius of a location of your choice. When you find a vacancy you're interested in you can apply online or save it so you can complete your application later.

LinkedIn (iOS, Android - Free)

The app version of the extremely popular business networking site. If you're not on LinkedIn already it really is a must for raising your career profile, making contact with friends and business colleagues and making new connections. Often used by head hunters, recruitment agencies and businesses looking for candidates for job vacancies, the LinkedIn app means you can keep you're profile up to date and look out for new vacancies wherever you are.

Meetup (iOS, Android - Free)

Taking social networking into real life, you can get in touch with like-minded people in a town or city near to you and arrange to meet up in person. Ideal for making new business contacts or networking with the aim of increasing your career or business prospects locally, it's well worth a look.

Evernote (iOS - free)

Get yourself on top of your job hunting and career goals by revamping your organisational skills. Evernote enables you to store notes, to-do lists, voice recordings and photos and store them in the app for future use. It can be used and synched across all of your devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones and will no doubt improve your productivity too.

CV Builder Pro (iOS £2.49)

A great and popular app for creating and keeping your CV up to date. CV Builder sorts out a suitable layout, you input the info and hey presto you have a professional looking CV. You can also email your new CV straight from the app and you can also use your LinkedIn profile to form the basis of your CV.