elf-yourselfWe’re officially on the countdown to Christmas at Chitter Chatter towers. We’ve been checking out the Christmas Apps which are out there so whether you’re looking for something to make the festive season go more smoothly or ideas for your party, here are 5 of our favourites.

ElfYourself (iOS – Free)

One of our all time favourite Christmas Apps. Upload photos of yourself, your family, friends, pets and even celebs and get creating your own hilarious ElfYourself videos. You can load up 5 photos per video from your camera, mobile or Facebook. Just select what dance you want to star in and then your photos are super-imposed onto a posse of grooving elves. There are several funny dance themes to choose from including Soul, Hip Hop, Charleston and moves from the 80’s.

Simple Charades (iOS, Android – Free)

A retro game but usually one which appeals to everyone regardless of how old they are from small children to grandparents. The Simple Charades App is a great (& fair!) way of organising a game of Charades as you have a choice of themes and categories as well as control over the level of difficulty. It essentially generates the words for the teams to act out and keeps tabs on the score so there’s less chance of any arguments!

Good Food Festive Recipes (iOS £1.99)

If you’re in charge of the food this Christmas, this app from BBC’s Good Food could be very helpful. With over 180 recipes to choose from along with ideas for drinks and canapés the easy to follow instructions and video tutorials will take some of the stress out of your Christmas catering. You can search for recipes according to what course they are for or by ingredients you already have in the cupboard. There’s even a timer and tips on how best to cook the turkey and a good selection of veggie recipes for non meat-eaters.

Elfster – (iOS, Android - Free)

There is of course an app for pretty much everything these days. Elfster has been created to help with organising of the annual Secret Santa present exchange. Really handy if you’re in charge of your office’s Secret Santa or if you have a similar thing between friends or family. You can use Elfster via Facebook or email, just get everyone who wants to be included to sign up and then Elfster will randomly decide who buys for whom. The Secret Santa organiser gets to see who everyone has been allocated so they can chivvy people along if necessary!

Santa’s Christmas Village (iOS £1.49)

Just in case your kids aren’t already excited enough, this extremely Christmas-y app can’t fail to get them into the festive spirit. Santa’s Christmas Village has a whole host of Christmas games, activities and music to keep the little ones (& let’s face it the grown up ones) entertained in the run up to Christmas as well as over the holidays. There’s also an educational slant with Christmas-themed games of Sudoku, Snowman Maths and Word Searches amongst musical games and matching Santa’s List or Reindeers. Lots of fun for all of the family.