Our_5_Favourite_Gardening_AppsHard though it may be to believe based on the weather of the past week, Spring will soon be here and it will be time to start sorting out the garden.

So what better time to share with you our 5 favourite gardening apps so you can have your garden blooming this Spring.

Kew Gardens Official App (iPhone and Android, Free)

The world famous Kew Gardens has a great app which is packed full of useful information and advice. As well as being a guide to enable you to get the most out of visits to the gardens themselves, it also has a wealth of knowledge on horticulture and gardening science. Available free for iPhone and Android smartphones, the interactive app will give you plenty of inspiration for your garden with beautiful pictures, detailed information and thousands of plants to browse.

RHS Grow Your Own (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Free)

A free basic app with option to buy additional content. This handy little app helps you decide on the best fruit and veg to grow according to the space you have available, how much time you can spare and the extent of your gardening experience. It offers excellent advice and all the information you could need such as when to sow/plant, when to harvest and how to deal with problems such as plant diseases and common pests. It will even warn you when weather conditions may affect your crops with frost warnings or drought alerts.

Get Growing (iPhone, Free)

If you want to cut costs, this handy app will calculate how much food you could potentially grow in your vegetable patch or allotment and how much money it could save you. Just pop in the dimensions of the space you have available and it does the rest. It also works out how many ‘food miles’ you have saved the environment by growing your own produce rather than buying it from a shop. Get Growing also features some delicious recipes to transform your fruit and veg from various celebrities including Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

Garden Tracker (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, $1.99)

Need help to work out what to plant and where? This fun app creates a virtual map of your garden plot and helps you to work out what plants and vegetables to grow. If you like to have organisation and order in your life, there are some useful features you can make use of such as a database to store all of your plant information, report creation, photo and video storage - you can even create your own plant markers and labels. Garden Tracker will also provide plenty of information for optimum planting and growing from how far to space out your seeds/seedlings to watering requirements and ideal soil temperatures.

Gardening Guide (iPhone and iPad, Free)

A comprehensive app with lots of information and tips on growing the most popular garden foods. Just tap on a particular crop to get everything you could possibly need to know on how and when to plant, the ideal location to grow different fruit and vegetables, crop varieties, pest prevention and watering. As well as specific crop details, there are lots of helpful gardening techniques to try, tips on how to improve the condition and nutrition of your soil and how to look after your crops during various weather conditions. Roll on the Spring!