If you're into your music or enjoy watching films and listening to audio books on your smartphone, then a decent set of headphones can make the experience so much more enjoyable. Here are 5 of the Best headphones out there, in our humble opinion.

Sennhesier Momentum In-Ear (£90)

sennheiserMost smartphones come with in-ear or earbud headphones. They are usually the cheapest and most convenient type of headphones if you're on the move a lot. However, they may not be the most comfortable and the ones you had free with your mobile phone aren't always the best quality so it's worth investing in better quality pair such as the Sennhesier Momentum In-Ear headphones. Stylish as well as offering superb sound quality, they are made from premium materials and ergonomically designed to be a comfortable fit with a selection of four different sized ear adapters. There's also a built-in remote button to control your music and any in-coming calls and they come with a tough carrying case to keep them safe.


Beats by Dre Studio (around £270)

beats_Not only a cracking pair of headphones but a serious fashion statement. The business if you're into hip-hop as they are super powerful and renowned for the bass. Available in black, white and red with the iconic Beats logo in red on each side they are lighter and more comfortable than earlier models and feature noise-cancelling technology.


Tracks HD (£99)

Tracks_HDIf you don't want to pay several hundred quid then the Tracks HD headphones from Sol Republic offer great sound quality with a good-looking design. They're also strong and robust with a solid brushed chrome finish on the earpiece and a flexible head band. The Tracks HD headphones can also be customised to you own taste with various colour options for the earpieces, cord and headband and includes a three button control for switching between music and calls, changing the volume and skipping tracks.


Philips CityScape Downtown (£59)

PhilipsGreat headphones with a retro vibe and excellent value for money. Smart and very stylish in looks and design, they are ultra comfortable and light to wear. These headphones come in grey, purple and dark brown, they also feature an in-line microphone so you can make calls on your smartphone.


Creative Hitz WP380 (£90)

Creative Hitz WP380If you'd rather not have wires on your headphones then a wireless set such as these from Creative Hitz fits the bill. Well-padded for comfort, very lightweight at just 150 grams, the Creative Hitz WP380 headphones work via Bluetooth. Using NFC technology, they are easy to set up with a NFC compatible smartphone. You can also share your music, film or audio book with a friend wearing Bluetooth headphones alongside you so it can be great feature when you're travelling.