A decent case for your iPhone 6 is really a must. After all if you have splashed out on a lovely new iPhone 6 then you're going to be wanting to keep in safe from scratches, knocks and bumps  surely? Here are 5 of our favourites.

LifeProof Case (approx £40)

Lifeproof_CaseIf you want to protect your iPhone 6 from more or less every eventuality then the LifeProof case is one of the toughest out there. As well as being waterproof (up to a depth of 2 metres for 1 hour), it's also dust, dirt and sand proof and will keep out snow and ice. Perfect for the great outdoors, the LifeProof iPhone 6 case is shock proof and features an in-built protector from scratches and scrapes. Regardless of the superb all encompassing protection the LifeProof case offers, all of the buttons, ports and controls on your iPhone 6 are fully accessible and of course it will work with the Touch-ID fingerprint scanner.

Rhino Shield Crash Guard (around £20)

Rhino_ShieldIf you're looking for a case which doesn't add too much bulk to your iPhone 6 but still want decent protection then how about the Rhino Shield Crash Guard? The case just covers the outside edges of the frame of your iPhone 6 and you can pair it with the Rhino Shield screen protector shield for a lightweight and tough cover for your iPhone display. Although the Rhino Shield Crash Guard only weighs 12 grams, it's capable of absorbing the impact of drops and falls up to a height of 6 metres.

OtterBox Defender Case (£30)

Otterbox_DefenderFamous for their extensive range of heavy-duty smartphone cases, the OtterBox Defender Case for the iPhone 6 is one of the best around if you need to keep your handset completely protected from all manner of bumps and knocks. With their trademark triple-layer rugged protection, the Defender encases your iPhone in a tough polycarbonate and silicone case and features a robust screen protector which will repel scratches. The Defender comes in a good choice of fun designs and colour options so it's sure to appeal to all tastes.

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Wallet (£18)

Spigen_iPhone_6_CaseAn excellent quality iPhone case-come-wallet which is available in a selection of attractive colours. Not only does it protect your iPhone 6 from dirt, dust, scratches and bumps but it also incorporates a wallet section with room for several bank or credit cards as well as a small amount of money. If you like to travel light or don't want to lug a separate wallet and iPhone case out with you on a night out then this slim and lightweight case is ideal. It also features a built-in stand if you want to prop up your iPhone to watch videos and films.

iPhone 6 Halo Scratch Resistant Hybrid Clear Case (£7)

Halo_CaseA brilliant case which doesn't detract from the lovely design lines of your iPhone 6. As the name suggests, the case is clear so you can still see your handset in all its glory, it protects the screen and the frame from scrapes and scratches. A bit of a bargain at less than £7, its anti slip so you still have a good grip on your iPhone as well as access to all of the ports. If you prefer your case to have a bit of colour, it's also available in an extensive list of tints whilst still retaining its transparent feature.