City running couple jogging outsideIf you're training for a big event such as a full or half marathon or a triathlon, there are some great apps out there to keep track of your training schedule and progress and to optimise your fitness. Here are 5 of our favourites.

Triathlon Trainer (TriTrainer) (Android, iOS - £4.49)

One of the best triathlon training apps available, all you need is this app, lots of motivation and approximately 4 months to train. Aimed at preparing you for a full triathlon which consists of a 1.5k swim followed by a 40k bike ride and a 10k run, Triathlon Trainer was designed by a professional triathlon athlete. You can create your very own customised 16-week training schedule with varying options for your workouts according to your fitness and ability. The app also offers advice on nutrition, strategies for the big day as well as useful tips. If you're new to triathlons, check out the 1st Time Triathlon app too.

Couch-to-5K (iOS, Android - Free)

Running novices who fancy signing up for their first 10k or even marathon but aren't regular runners, would certainly find this Couch-to-5K app a great way to kick-start their training. Taking you alternative walk/running and building up stamina, the training only requires three, 20-30 minute sessions per week. Your running will be monitored and progress is tracked as your fitness and distance travelled steadily improve every week. There's a choice of four virtual coaches to train with and lots of motivation to keep you going.

Pumatrac (iOS, Android - Free)

A great running app which tracks the basic elements of your training such as distance, speed, route travelled and calories burned as well as offering more detailed analysis. In addition to the essential stats, Pumatrac records other useful information such as the time of day you did your run and the weather conditions. This data is used to create a score based on the effectiveness of your running and it compares you to other users of the app. You can pinpoint the optimum time and weather conditions for your training for the best results.

TriAlly (iOS - Free)

Get your triathlon training organised with this fantastic app which features a workout generator, estimated finish time calculator as well as a handy checklist, RSS feed and triathlon event details. The workout generator is brilliant for injecting some variety into your training and you can customise them to depending on how long you have to exercise and what intensity you want to achieve. You can use the app to find and sign up for future triathlon events and the checklist should mean you have everything covered.

Marathon Trainer (Android £5.97)

Ideally suited to first time marathon runners, this straightforward app offers an easy training schedule for running and marathon beginners. The training program itself involves a combination of running and power walking over a time frame of 20 weeks which gently and steadily builds up strength and fitness. The mixture of running and walking is designed to keep you injury free as well as making the training more interesting and challenging. The Marathon Trainer app will work with music apps by using voice and audio alerts so you can still listen to your favourite tracks whilst you train.