Video-Star-480-360We're guessing that a lot of smartphone users only use the built-in video software on their handsets. If you've never tried using a dedicated video app before or want to check out the different video apps which are available, here are our 5 favourites.

Vine (Android, iOS, Windows - Free)

Fun, short and sharp pretty much sums up the Vine video app. With Vine you get 6.5 seconds of filming time to create your video. Simple and easy to use, as soon as your video is done you can share it on your social media feeds. Although the actual videos are short, they are played on a loop and you can find family and friends to follow as well as enjoy the latest trending videos. Vine have introduced Vine Messages (VMs) recently which can be used for video chat as well as for sharing videos.

Instagram (iOS, Android, Windows - Free)

Instagram is probably the most loved and well-known photo app. In 2013, Instagram also added video to their app and it does not disappoint. Instagram video lets you record your own 15 second film which like the photos can be shared with your contacts on social media. Similar to the clever effects and great filters available for your photos, there are 13 video filters to choose from which add different tones and effects to your film. We definitely recommend it.

Video Star (iOS - Free)

Great fun for kids and aspiring pop stars of all ages, you can have hours of fun creating your own music videos. Video Star is easy to use just pick your music track, do a spot of lip synching to the words and a make a few shapes and you've created your very own pop video. There's also some cool special effects to make your video that bit more exciting such as fast forward, slow motion and reverse action. If you're brave enough you can upload it onto YouTube and wait to be discovered...

Action Movie FX (iOS, Android - Free)

Give your videos a Hollywood make over with this great app which can completely revamp your video in an action film epic. With over 20 special effects, you can make your masterpiece into an all-action thriller by adding aliens, crashes, explosions, dinosaurs and battles amongst others to your video.

Lapse It (Android, iOS - £1.49)

Create your own clever time-lapse films with the award winning Lapse It app. Choose from a whole host of features and great effects such as reverse time, customised frames and a zoom feature, you can perfect your film making skills. Unlike many video apps, you can make a film of whatever length of time you choose and you can also add some music to form a sound track. There's the option of uploading your video to YouTube or Facebook to share with the world.